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ST-Log Issue 19 - May 1988

  • Crin's Castle The quest for the Flame Sword by Brad Mott
  • Worlds to Conquer The history of adventure gaming by Arnie Katz, Bill Kunkel, Joyce Worley
  • Designing an Adventure Game Tips from the author of Gateway by Michael A. Banks
  • The Perfect Game From games of old to speculation on games yet to unfold by Orson Scott Card
  • Step 1 The Hard Facts by Maurice Molyneaux
  • Master Switch Getting the most out of your printer by Matthew J.W. Ratcliff
  • Art Gallery A schizophrenic picture viewer by Charles F. Johnson
  • Psst … Wanna hint? How to keep your hair while adventuring by Andy Eddy
  • Strathello C version of Capture the Flag by Todd Kepus
  • Review COMPUTE!'s Technical Reference Guide ATARI ST, Volume One: VDI by Charles F. Johnson
  • ST Gameshelf Introduction by Clayton Walnum
  • ST Gameshelf Empire by Clayton Walnum
  • ST Gameshelf The Sentry by Clayton Walnum
  • Review ST Gameshelf by Clayton Walnum
  • ST Gameshelf Video Vegas by Clayton Walnum
  • Review ST Gameshelf by Clayton Walnum
  • ST Gameshelf Jupiter Probe by Clayton Walnum
  • ST Gameshelf Pinball Wizard by Clayton Walnum
  • Review Goldrunner (Microdeal) by D.F. Scott
  • Review Keys to Solving Computer Adventure Games (Prentice-Hall, Inc.) by Clayton Walnum
  • Review LabelMaster Elite (Migraph, Inc.) by Betty D. DeMunn
  • Review Multi-Forth 1.1 (Creative Solutions, Inc.) by A. N. Kensington
  • Review ST Sprite Factory (Future Software Systems) by David Plotkin
  • Review Karate Kid Part II (Michtron) by Bill Kunkel
  • Review Airball (Microdeal) by Joyce Worley
  • Review Sub Battle Simulator (Epyx) by Bill Kunkel
  • Editorial by Clayton Walnum
  • Reader Comment Organizing Against Piracy by Tom Bellucco
  • Reader Comment CPs for STs by Bill Somrak
  • Ian's Quest by Ian Chadwick
  • Assembly Line A Text Enciphering Program - Part 1 by Douglas Weir
  • C-manship Using Sliders and Arrows to Change a Window's Contents by Clayton Walnum
  • GFA Basics The ins and outs of GFA BASIC by Ian Chadwick
  • Database Delphi ST Matters Discussed in the Atari Users Group SIG on Delphi by Andy Eddy
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