Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 19 / MAY 1988 / PAGE 18


by Clayton Walnum

If there's one thing ST owners have no trouble finding, it's games. So many new entertainment products show up each month at ST-Log's offices, that it's quite literally impossible to cover them all—unless we start dedicating entire issues to them, and that, of course, is not an acceptable alternative.

The other day I was looking over our software shelf, wondering what we were going to do with this flood of new products. I decided an article containing brief reviews of as many games as I could cover over the course of a month might be a good way to catch up a little. The publishers agreed, and so I loaded up a crate of the most exciting looking games on the shelf and carted them home. After an initial weeding out period (based on the amount of time I would have to dedicate to a game to give it a fair review), I began the longest game playing session of my life—a session that was sometimes rewarding, sometimes frustrating, but never boring.

And now, friends, the results are in, the scores are tallied, and it's time to see where that entertainment dollar can best be spent.