Classic Computer Magazine Archive ST-Log ISSUE 19 / MAY 1988 / PAGE 9



Crin's Castle

The quest for the Flame Sword.

by Brad Mott

Brad Mott is 17 years old and attends Union High School in Clinton, North Carolina. He's owned a 1200XL for almost four years and 1040ST for six months. He likes to program in BASIC and assembly and plans to learn C very soon.

The king has called you to the castle for a great cause. Crin has stolen the magical Flame Sword and without it the entire kingdom is in danger. You must go to Crin's Castle and find the sword before the kingdom is lost. "I will reward you well if you succeed," the king said. Being a knight of great honor, you've accepted the challenge. You know no one has ever returned from Crin's Castle, but you're going anyway, hoping for the best.

Typing it in.

Type the program exactly as shown in Listing 1. Make sure to type it correctly, or you may end up with an adventure that's impossible to finish. Also, make sure to save a copy before running the program, because GEM is cut off when the screen is being drawn—if you get an error, the system will lock up. Use "ST-Check" to be sure there are no typos.

Playing Crin's Castle.

In Crin's Castle, you use two-word commands. They should be in verb/noun format (such as GET BOOK, DROP BOOK). To move from room to room, use the commands N, S, E and W.

There are some special commands you should also know. They are: SAVE GAME, LOAD GAME, QUIT and INVENTORY. Use the SAVE command to save the game to disk. LOAD GAME will restore the last game you saved, and QUIT returns you to BASIC. The INVENTORY command will show what you're carrying.