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Hi-Res Vol. 1 No. 3 - March 1984

  • Club Med Escape to an island of beachwear and software where Club Med offers a twist to the family vacation in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. by Linda Gilliam
  • Music Theory Drills Enhance your appreciation of music and computers by translating printed symbols of music notation into correct names of notes and their rhythmic equivalent. by Duane Tutaj
  • The Atari Drawing Board At last, you can experiment with your computer! Special features, including player-missile graphics, create a drawing board without using all those fancy tricks. by Vern Mastel
  • The Witness You have just 12 hours -- and not a minute more -- to crack the case in this intriguing "whodunit" adventure game. by Mark S. Murley
  • Artist and Computer Like the "Old Masters," work of the computer artist is something to admire. Come, take a close look at those amazing video graphics. by Pam Sexton
  • Oh, Those ?$*& Error Messages Error Code 152: Oh, no! Now what do I do? Fear no more, here's an insight on what those irritating number codes really mean. by Steve Harding
  • Truehart of the CIO With his assistant "killed" and a complaint of unauthorized computer use, Jack Truehart begins a quest of mystery and murder to find the culprits. by Leo G. Laporte
  • Tic Tac Snack In a recreation of tic-tac-toe, yummies like cookies and apples set the menu for translating ideas into a working Atari program. by Duane Tutaj
  • Comics
  • Dear Reader by Anthony J. Nicholson
  • Reviews Preppie! II, Chess 7.0, Flip Flop, Bandits, B.C.'s Quest for Tires, The Dark Crystal, Rally Speedway by Steve Harding; Murray D. Kucherawy; Mark S. Murley; Duane Tutaj; Reid Nicholson; Leo G. Laporte
  • The Family Place by Dorothy Heller
  • Cryptics by Patrick R. Serafine
  • Some Assembly Required by Robert Peck
  • Advanced User Forum by Russ Wetmore
  • The Academic A by Lloyd R. Prentice
  • Strolling Forth by Stephen Maguire; Evan Rosen
  • Kids and the Atari: Part 2 by Ed Carlson
  • Perspectives Oh, Those Dreaded Computers, Better Learning, Fun And Games, Holy Video, Warner Loves First Star, Tune In To This
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