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Hi-Res Vol. 1 No. 2 - January 1984

  • Number Maze Here's a program that's both fun and educational. Sol shows you how to construct math mazes of your own. Test your number skills and problem solving ability. by Sol Guber
  • Oh, Those @#&! Error Messages Part II Not quite everything you want to know about another serving of Atari's error messages. West Coast Editor Steve Harding explores more of those cryptic codes. by Steve Harding
  • Music Theory Drills A music drill educational program that you can type. Duane Tutaj opens a series on music appreciation. In the future, he'll help you create your own tunes. by Duane Tutaj
  • Video Game Guru - Activision's David Crane The creator of Pitfall's Harry and other Activision hits, David Crane, talks candidly about his programming career. He shares some frank views of Atari and his experience in their game software department. by Colin Colvert
  • The Family Place Dorothy Heller starts her series with some pre-school and early learning programs from the Learning Company. by Dorothy Heller
  • Kids and the Atari: Part I of a Series Hi-Res will serialize a few lessons from Ed Carlson's book for beginners. There's help for parents or instructors before each lesson. by Ed Carlson
  • Comics
  • Dear Reader by Anthony J. Nicholson
  • In This Issue
  • Perspectives Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay, Hi-Razzz, Very Lumpy Rumors, The Prime Market, Box-Top Video Games, Line Changes for Zounds Sounds, Vacationers Getting an Education, Texas Instruments Pulls Out, Just Plain Bunk!!, Fox Sees Bright Video Future, Fox Awaits New Technology
  • Reviews Qix, Time Runner, Starbowl Football, Moon Shuttle, The Nightmare, Escape from Vulcan's Isle by Pat Henderson; Jeannie Gutierrez; Steve Harding; Gordon M. Wong
  • The Academic A by Lloyd R. Prentice
  • Survival In Wonderland by Dan Horn
  • Silicon Valley Reporter by Bill Haslacher; Steve Harding
  • Some Assembly Required by Robert Peck
  • Graphic Evidence by Tim McGuinness
  • Cryptics
  • Advanced User Forum by Russ Wetmore
  • Strolling Forth by Evan Rosen; Stephen Maguire
  • Previews
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