Classic Computer Magazine Archive HI-RES VOL. 1, NO. 3 / MARCH 1984 / PAGE 78

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For All Readers

I have just finished reading the first issue of Hi-Res Magazine and am elated that someone has finally published a document that dummies like me can read and understand. All the articles started with the basics and fully explained any technical jargon. This is the kind of stuff that the majority of us out here are hungry for. I, for one, think your magazine will do very, very well if you keep on your present course.

Of course you're not perfect yet. May I suggest the following:

1) The more good utility and game programs you can supply, the better. 2) Differentiate between the zeros and the "Os in program listings. 3) Publish a list of typing conventions for CNTL and ESC symbols etc. 4) Proof-read and run your programs. I tried to type in the program but had to give up on it. 5) Something you seldom see in computer oriented magazines are construction projects. Most home computer owners are probably not experimenters but most experimenters probably own a home computer. Many of us would like guidance on building interfaces, printer buffers, power supplies etc. Keep up the good work. I'll be looking forward to the second issue.

Valparaiso, FL

I am an avid ATARI fan and ATARI 800 computer owner. I was thumbing through the magazine shelve for the latest issue of COMPUTE! or A.N.A.L.O.G., when the Premiere Issue of Hi-Res caught my eye. I decided to give it a try. The scrolling color machine language routine itself was worth the $3.00 cost of the magazine! The history of Atari Inc. was very interesting and I would love to know how the Atari 400-generated image of Nolan Bushnell was accomplished. Also, thanks for the article on Bill Hogue and Miner 2049, which I plan to add to my software library in the near future.

Mobile, ALA

Your magazine is great. I'm an Atari Club Member. Hi-Res tells me about Atari's computers. I love your magazine. I might subscribe.

Orange, CA

Explanations Needed

My interest lies in learning advanced graphics, techniques in BASIC, and in learning assembly language (at which I am a beginner). In your premiere issue, you showed a short assembly program (p.71). Please explain everything you're doing, line by line--not just with the REMARKS (comments). I like the other articles, too; and the magazine looks great!

Kent, WA

Impressive amount of big name contributors. Needs authors among "common folks." Very varied and could use more technical materials and programs.

Little Ferry, NJ

Shape Up

I hope program listing is not an example of future Hi-Res listings, as there are approximately 20 characters missing!! If your listings cannot be more accurate, I'm sorry I subscribed to this magazine!

Schofield, WI

A Bit Advanced

I liked all of the columns and what each was to cover. Need a column for beginning computer users.

Tempe, AZ

A Bit Elementary

The magazine is pretty good. Personally I find the articles too elementary, but then I am a software engineer professionally.

Daytona Beach, FL


I find that there is both general and advanced articles which is good because it interests all groups of users.

Ontario, Canada


Just right! I am especially excited about articles on Assembler by R. Wetmore and Robert Peck. My subscription order is enclosed.

Rockford, IL

The Perspectives column is great!!! I like the Reviews a lot also. I would like to see more ads, but I'm sure that will happen eventually. How about a thicker magazine? I'm still ready for more. Nice job!

Terre Hauk, IN

Want More...

Like to have a listing of what is available on cassette, disc and cartridge for Atari (800) by Atari or any other popular company, average price, and rate them by graphics, colors, difficulty and show graphics.

Robbinsville, NJ

More programs, more information on Atari compatible hardware/software. Here's my check, you done good!

Olympia, WA

Please more programs we can enter. I'm a novice and the articles on Error Messages & Graphics Modes turned on a light for me. More! More!

Cuyattoga Falls, Ohio

Not Up-To-Date

Jeez, guys! are you living in the 19th century? Saying that Dig Pub is about to be released which I bought five months ago isn't what I call up-to-date facts. And, about your facts -- so, Atari made the coin-up defender. Boy, could have sworn that Williams made that one. Guess they didn't, even though their name is written all over the machine! Honestly, I'm not a critic, but I'm only 11 and I know more facts than you do! Dig Peeper, Fellas. I'm not angry, just discouraged that you people don't have your facts straight. I'm sorry, but until those facts are fixed, your magazine is just a big disappointment to me.

Brooklyn, NY

Your "Reviews" are great!. How about some articles on peripherals?

Longwood, FL

If the quality continues as in this issue or gets better, you can only have success!

Montgrey Park, CA

Of References

I loved your magazine! it was informative and enjoyable. I used it for my school project on "Video games"

Winchester, MA

Sorry, but...

I enjoyed your first issue. It was very informing. But, I have no intention of buying one of Atari's computers. You see, my school was promised by Atari to receive free Atari computers. But, that was quite a while ago. My school is: Isaac Bildersee J.H.S. 68, Brooklyn, NY.

I am going to get a Commodore 64 computer. It is more efficient.

Brooklyn, NY


NUMBER MAZE, Issue 2, page 27

8 MAZS$(C1)=CHR$(0):MAZE$(278)=CHR$(0):MAZE$(C2)=MAZE$

18 MA$(C1)=CHR$(0):MA$(278)=CHR$(0):MA$(C2)=MA$

3520 ? #6;" ";:IF P1

3522 ? #6;P1;:NEXTJ:? #6;" ";:NEXT I


The fourth paragraph in column 1 should read: The number 130, for example is represented by the binary combination 10000010 and the number 80 by the binary combination 01010000.

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