Classic Computer Magazine Archive HI-RES VOL. 1, NO. 3 / MARCH 1984 / PAGE 54


by Patrick R. Serafine



1. Refueling Rockets In Caverns of Mars.
3. Pods Break Into These In Defender.
4. The Cavern World Of Zepellin.
5. Inspects Your Work In Hardhat Mack.
7. Star of Picnic Parandia.
8. Famous British Explorer In The Sands Of Egypt.
9. Opponents in Wallwar.
12. Raw Material Used In M.U.L.E.
14. Carriers Drop These In Bandits.
15. Famous French Detective In Murder On The Zinderneuf.
16. Preppie Overcash's First Name.
17. Miner 2049'er Bob's Nickname.
19. Screw-Shaped Creatures Which Shoot At You In Drelbs.
21. The Ultimate Enemy in Shamus.


2. They Hop Around In Centipedes.
4. The Enemy In Star Raiders.
6. This Is Used To Distract The Wolves In Pooyan.
10. The Carpenter In Donkey Kong.
11. Follows You Around In Qix.
13. Characters In Juice.
15. The Enemy In Fort Apocalypse.
17. The Name Of The Famous Eastern Front Battle.
18. Creature From Archon With A Terrible Shriek.
20. Small Eye-Shaped Creatures In Marauder.
22. They Give You More Seeds In Necromancer.
23. Steals Your Compass And Map Maker In Wayout.
24. The Smartest Character In M.U.L.E.
25. "Blue Max" Chatsworth Fights For Them.

Crossword Answers, Page 81 (Below)