Classic Computer Magazine Archive HI-RES VOL. 1, NO. 3 / MARCH 1984 / PAGE 4


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Dear Reader,

As you can see by our cover, Hi-Res Magazine is set to take a bold step forward by adding coverage of Commodore, in addition to our already full coverage of Atari!

Both manufacturers continue to produce computer systems that merit the finest coverage and support. Hi-Res is committed to fulfilling this task. We plan to bring you honest and critical coverage of both systems so that you, our readership, will have the opportunity to compare, in one magazine, the good and bad of Atari and Commodore hardware and software.

This magazine started with the concept of single support for the Atari line. But in our short existence, the reality of Commodore's impact on the home computer market could not be ignored.

Also, Commodore has more than proved itself with sales peaking 2 million for the Vic-20, more than 1 million for the Commodore 64 and at least 100,000 modems.

As we hit the newsstands, Commodore probably has introduced to the consumer its new computer codename TED. At presstime, we were told the computer's formal name would be Model 264, but its expected retail price remained in question.

Our sources explained TED will have a full keyboard and the same graphics as the 64, but without the sprites, those little moveable graphic blocks which are called players on the Atari. It also appears TED will contain 64K of memory.

The 264 also should be compatible to all existing Commodore peripherals.

This third issue of Hi-Res also introduces our new editor, John Babinchak II, and I'm sure you will agree after reading the magazine the programs work and the product is more pleasurable to digest.

My apologies for the programming mistakes in our Premiere and second issues. Now, we have our act together. Looking through our letters to the editor -- some of which we have published in this issue's Back Space department -- we received both complimentary and negative comments by you. Please believe every letter and card is read by each of us and considered top priority. Continue to "sound off"!

Thanks for your support and making Hi-Res a part of your family.


Anthony J. Nicholson, Publisher