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Hi-Res Vol. 1 No. 4 - May/June 1984

  • Shakeout In Camelot What does the crystal ball hold for the home computer arena? Many are called -- few survive. The tournament continues! by T. Lee Kidwell
  • 264 The most comprehensive article to date on the elusive 264: enter the decade of productivity with a businesslike attitude. by T. Lee Kidwell
  • Music Theory Measure your skill, note your progress and rest assured that you know the score in this latest test on music theory drills. by Duane Tutaj
  • Font Editor Discover how to change the video character generator of your Commodore 64 to display fun fonts and custom characters. by Stephen Reed
  • Lords and Ladys Conservation and cunning are crucial if you're to rule your own kingdom in this stimulating game of medieval economics and strategy. by Stephen Reed
  • Scrolling Joystick Banner An article on computer art that will transform your monitor into a video canvas bounded only by your imagination. by Sol Guber
  • Color Your World Another article on computer art that will transform your monitor into a video canvas bounded only by your imagination. by Sol Guber
  • Truehart A beautiful blonde and hairy cannibals? An installment called "Kind Hearts and Carrot Juice?" Does this compute? Answer Y or N. by Leo G. Laporte
  • Space Knights Hold on tight as you rocket into the future with Jake, Lisa and CLIDE to battle deadly Gammalon pirates. First in a series. by David Heller
  • Lights, Camera, ACTION! by Leo G. Laporte
  • In Search Of... by Stephen Reed
  • Just a Bit More True Confessions of a Computer Mama by Sandra Markle
  • Comics
  • Editor's Letter by John Babinchak II
  • Dear Reader by Anthony J. Nicholson
  • Back Space
  • Perspectives Duplication Prevention, Nolan Bushnell Returns, Mattel Backs Out, 1450XLD Coming Soon?, A Boost at Warner, Activision Suffering
  • Reviews Airline, Archon, C64-Link, Easy Spell, London Blitz, Gateway to Apshai, M.U.L.E., Pole Position, Pitstop, Rana 100 Disk Drive, Star League Baseball, Story Machine, Suspended, Pharaoh's Curse, When I'm 64, Worms by Stephen Reed; Leo G. Laporte; T. Lee Kidwell; Lloyd Davies; Jim Ponce; Mark Cotone; Mal Bowden; Reid Nicholson
  • Painless Computing by T. Lee Kidwell
  • Cryptics by Patrick R. Serafine
  • The Family Place by Dorothy Heller
  • The Academic A by Lloyd R. Prentice
  • Commodore On-Line by Stephen Reed
  • Strolling Forth by Stephen Maguire; Evan Rosen
  • Some Assembly Required by Robert Peck
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