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Antic Vol. 5 No. 1 - May 1986 - Fourth Anniversary Issue

  • 68000 Exceptions and Interrupts De-fusing the ST error bombs: Part I by David Small, Sandy Small
  • First Antic Awards Honoring outstanding contributions to the Atari community by Nat Friedland
  • Antic Online
  • Antic: Then and Now How the Atari community and this magazine grew up together by Gigi Bisson
  • Atari Cafe Roadside restaurant of the future by Gigi Bisson
  • De Re Joystick Programming and repairing the first 'user friendly' computer interface by Adelbert Fernandez
  • Digital Gardener Database for backyard vegetable growers by Charles Bartish
  • For Sale: Atari Joysticks by Gigi Bisson
  • Help!
  • Bonus Program: Hex Converter Decimal to hex by Bruce Brigden
  • I/O Board
  • Joystick Cursor Use the stick to control the cursor by Ted Stockwell
  • JoySTick Programming those two DB-9 ports by Patrick Bass
  • Molecular Weight Calculator Chemists' anti-drudgery tool by Jim Pierson-Perry
  • Starting Out New Owners Column Lesson III: variables, if/then by David Plotkin
  • New Products Technicolor Dream, Super 3-D Plotter, Circuit Database II, C.Itoh D10-40, Ballyhoo, Monday Morning Manager, Video Title Editor, Scrabbit
  • ST New Products The Pawn, Abacus PC board designer, Music Studio, Black Cauldron, Alternate Realities, ST Programmer's Guide, Silent Service, Q.R.S. Music Rolls, DX-Droid, MIDI Track ST, DevPacST, Zoomracks, Rhythm, Bridge 4.0, CompuBridge, Apshai Trilogy, Winter Games, Star Raiders
  • Two Major New ST Programming Languages Modula-2 ST and Personal Pascal by Christopher Chabris, Tim Oren
  • Poster Maker Giant graphics even on daisy wheel printers by Michael Krueger
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Zorro, Train Dispatcher, Voice Master, Conflict In Vietnam, Movie Maker, Star Fleet by David Plotkin, Jack Mindy, Charles Cherry, John Stanoch, Michael Lasky, Harvey Bernstein
  • Repair Your Joystick by Thomas Simmons
  • Game of the Month Rockslide by James Hague
  • ST Basic Disk I/O Random access file control by David Stambaugh
  • ST Basic VDI Calls Part II: text and graphics calls by James Luczak
  • ST Product News Treasure Island, King's Quest II, Fahrenheit 451, Perry Mason, Electro Calendar, Electro Solitaire, Typesetter ST, Borrowed Time, The Black Cauldron, Donald Duck's Vacation, ST Onewrite, Alternate Realities, ST Programmer's Guide, Silent Service, Q.R.S. Music Rolls, DX-Droid, MIDI Track ST, DevPac ST, Zoomracks, Rhythm, Bridge 4.0, Compubridge, Apshai Trilogy, Winter Games, Star Raiders ST by Sol Guber, Sue Bergstrand, Brad Kershaw, Gil Merciez
  • Two Useful ST Books A must for your reference shelf by Patrick Bass
  • VIP Professional 1-2-3 for the ST? by Gil Merciez
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