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Antic Vol. 4 No. 12 - April 1986 - Computer Mathematics

  • 3-D Fractals Three-dimensional ST landscapes by Patrick Bass
  • Game of the Month 3-D Tic Tac Toe by Pierre Desloover
  • Guess the Animal A decision-tree grows in your Atari by Randy Deardorff
  • Antic Online
  • Atariwriter Plus Spelling checker, mail merge and 130XE super-files by Stephen Roquemore
  • Advan Compiler BASIC Powerful new Atari language reviewed by Charles Cherry
  • Controlling Gem with ST BASIC Part I: VDI calls by James Luczak, Jack Powell, Patrick Bass
  • Editorial by James Capparell
  • The Final Word New ST word processor by Ian Chadwick
  • Fractals for your Atari Mathematics in picture form by Charles Jackson
  • Fractal Zoom Spectacular 'zoom-lens' effects by Charles Jackson
  • Help!
  • 1985 Income Tax Spreadsheet Antic's annual IRS syncalc template by Ken Harms
  • I/O Board
  • Life Revisited Mini-universe on your Atari screen by Charles Jackson, Gigi Bisson
  • Starting Out New Owners Column Lesson II: BASIC commands by David Plotkin
  • New Products C.Itoh Chroma Pro monitors, C-310 printer, Bowling League Secretary, Horserace Handicapping, Solo Flight, Price Buster, Rat Mouse, Safety Screen, Epson FX-286, Gradescan, You Guessed It, People Link, Computereyes Graphics 9, Tiny Tots, Little Folks, Small Fry, Spanish Preterit, R-Time 8, MIDI Music System
  • Education Plato Learning Phone Hands-on review by an 8th-grade student by Valecy Harms
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Goonies, Q-Modem, Decision in the Desert, Crossword Magic by Brad Kershaw, Rich Moore, Michael Lasky
  • ST Cartridges How to program plug-ins by Patrick Bass
  • ST Product News ST-TERM, Transylvanla, Crimson Crown, Word for Word, Mind Forever Voyaging by John Kosiorek, Mike Fleischmann, Sol Guber
  • Version Saver Track your program revisions automatically by Donald Wahl
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