Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 5, NO. 1 / MAY 1986



In the March 1986 ST Listings section, the two listings for HippoSound should be reversed. Listing 1 should be Listing 2 and vice-versa.


The 23rd character in line 2360 of Listing in Wireball (January 1986) got a bit smudged on the printing press. It's supposed to be an inverse, capital K.


If you've had trouble typing in line 32025 from Listing 1 of the TYPO II Double Feature (November 1985, p. 58), fear not. Listing 2 of TURBO TYPO II (June 1985, p. 75) is a short program which will create that exact line for you.


In reference to the November 1985 article by David Small about how to hook up 5 1/4-inch drives to the ST:

The track seek-time for the 3 1/2-inch drives is too fast for most 5 l/4-inch drives.

A simple patch can fix this.

If you have TOS on disk, the drive A seek rate is controlled by location $06CB, and drive B seek rate by location $06CF. For TOS-in-ROM, drive A is at $0A09 and drive B at $0A0B. The default value for these locations is $03, which represents three milliseconds. If you're hooking up a 5 I/4-inch drive, change the value to zero--for 6 milliseconds.

Boot with the 5 1/4-inch drive active, then change the appropriate location for your configuration with SID, or some other memory utility--such as Holmes & Duckworth Toolbox. Seek rate values are: 00=6ms, 01=12ms, 02=2ms, and 03 = 3ms.

Antic would like to thank James H. Trageser, PPN #72407.3256 for uploading this information onto CompuServe. If you want more details, we recommend you download Mr. Trageser's full article, DSEEKR.TXT, which may be found in Data Library 0 of the 16-bit section on SIG*Atari.