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A.N.A.L.O.G. Issue 67 - December 1988

  • DungeonLords The DungeonLords world is filled with danger and intrigue. Can you battle your way past all the dangerous creatures and rescue the captives? by Brian Bradley
  • BASIC to Binary A handy utility thatll let You convert BASIC programs into binary load files that can be loaded directly from DOS. by Matthew Arrinpton
  • Master Memory Map, Part V The most complete Atari 8-bit memory map ever published in a magazine continues. by Robin Sherer
  • Action! Graphics Toolkit Action! programmers rejoice! Heres a set of graphics routines to make your favorite language even more powerful. by Monty McCarty
  • D:CHECK in Action! To help you type Action! programs more accurately, heres a reprint of our checksum program for Action! listings. by Steven Yates
  • Panak Stikes This month Steve takes a look at Video Title Shop Graphics Companion II (Datasoft), Sons of Liberty (SSI) and Napoleon in Russia (Datasoft). by Steve Panak
  • Database DELPHI by Michael A. Banks
  • Game Design Workshop by Craig Patchett
  • End User by Arthur Leyenberger
  • Editorial by Clayton Walnum
  • Reader Comment Kudus for the doctor by Jim Cox
  • Reader Comment A letter for Logo and Pilot users by Craig Rothfuss
  • 8-Bit News MIDI file standard accepted
  • 8-Bit News Panelologists unite!
  • 8-Bit News Printing in color
  • 8-Bit News GEO meets with Atari
  • 8-Bit News RAMdisk protection
  • 8-Bit News Icon Conversion utility
  • 8-Bit News New NERDS
  • 8-Bit News Newfangled joystick
  • 8-Bit News Full-featured bulletin-board system
  • ST Notes
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