Classic Computer Magazine Archive A.N.A.L.O.G. ISSUE 67 / DECEMBER 1988 / PAGE 8

8-Bit NEWS

GEO meets with Atari

    Discussions between Merrill Ward Associates, the designers of the new GEO desktop operating system for the XE/XL, are continuing. Both Atari and Merrill Ward hope that GEO will become the accepted new standard operating system of the XE/XL computer. GEO does for the XE/XL what GEOS did for the Commodore 64, giving an 8-bit microcomputer an operating system similar to the GEM system on the 16-bit ST computer.
    Although no agreement has been reached, Atari hopes to distribute GEO to the XE/XL community. An upgrade path is being considered for existing owners.

Merrill Ward & Associates
255 North El Cielo Rd., Ste. 222
Palm Springs, CA 92262