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A.N.A.L.O.G. Issue 64 - September 1988

  • Master Memory Map, Part 2 The study of your Atari 8-bits innards continues. This month we begin the actual map of your computers memory. by Robin Sherer
  • Kasons Tower Its too bad you insulted a prominent citizen of Golenden,because now you must scale the treacherous Kasons Tower. Watch out for the arrows! by Jim Rogers
  • Snowplow Its snowing again! Quick, hop into your snowplow and clear the citys streets. But watch out for the new storms, and dont let your gas get too low. An arcade-quality game. by Barry Kolbe, Bryan Schappel
  • The Mandelbrot Set Fractals come to the 8-bit Atari. A fascinating combination of mathematics and graphics. by James J. Greco
  • Joytype A unique typing system that allows people with certain handicaps to use a joystick to compose letters and documents. by John Pilge
  • Panak Strikes This month Infiltrator (Mindscape), Ace of Aces (Accolade) and Plundered Hearts (Infocom) are subjected to Steves critical eye. by Steve Panak
  • Awardware (Hi-Tech Expressions) by Matthew J.W. Ratcliff
  • DELPHI: The Official Guide Brady Books/Simon and Schuster by Clayton Walnum
  • Editorial by Lee H. Pappas
  • Reader Comment The Whoops department by Bob Hardy, Jason Locke
  • Reader Comment A bug or not by Carl C. Springer
  • Reader Comment M/L Editor modification by Larry Locke
  • 8-Bit News Mydos 5.0 Goes Shareware
  • 8-Bit News Bill Wilkinson, Where Are You?
  • 8-Bit News Atari Founds Atari Computers
  • 8-Bit News No More MIO Boards (for now...)
  • 8-Bit News Home Printer
  • 8-Bit News Turkey Atari Users Group
  • Database DELPHI by Michael A. Banks
  • Boot Camp by Karl E. Wiegers
  • ST Notes
  • The End User by Arthur Leyenberger
  • M/L Editor by Clayton Walnum
  • Game Design Workshop by Craig Patchett
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