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A.N.A.L.O.G. Issue 63 - August 1988

  • Train Crazy Join Oscar the Ostritch on the wild railroad romp on top of a speeding train. Look out for the tunnels! by Colin Faller
  • Solar System Scaler If you could reduce the earth to the size of a baseball and hold it in your hand, how far away would the sun be? How about the moon? This educational program answers these and many other questions. by Carey M. Furlong
  • Animation The art of computer animation made simple, including two methods for bringing your programs to life. by Ron Goodman
  • Crisis Center Car crashes, hotel fires, snipers, airplave hi-jackings, bank robberies and all manners of emergency conspire to put your abilities to the test in this nerver-racking simulation. by Joe McManus
  • Wordlock Having trouble keeping the riff-raff out of your private files? Lock em up tight with this machine-language utility. by Andy A. Lee
  • PrintScreen A Graphics O screen dump utility that will print the contents of your screen from within almost any program. by Justin E. Wilder
  • BCALC ANALOG computing is proud to present a full-featured spreadsheet program for 8-bit Atari computers. by Barry Kolbe, Bryan Schappel
  • Barnyard Blaster (Atari Corp) by Matthew J.W. Ratcliff
  • Panak Strikes Steve gives the old thumbs-up/thumbs-down test to Shiloh: Grants Trial in the West (SSI) and Bridge 5.0 (Artworx). by Steve Panak
  • Editorial by Clayton Walnum
  • 8-Bit News Desktop Publishing for Your XE/XL
  • 8-Bit News AtariWriter 80 Rounds the Finish Line
  • 8-Bit News Speed Talking
  • 8-Bit News Farmers Almanac
  • Reader Comment The Missing Touch by Todd Rapherty
  • Reader Comment Kangaroos and Computing by Louis Patten
  • Reader Comment Keyed for Help by Deron Smith
  • Reader Comment Seeing is Believing by Richard Hall
  • Master Memory Map by Robin Sherer
  • BASIC Editor II by Clayton Walnum
  • ST Notes
  • Game Design Workshop by Craig Patchett
  • Database DELPHI by Michael A. Banks
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