Classic Computer Magazine Archive A.N.A.L.O.G. ISSUE 64 / SEPTEMBER 1988 / PAGE 6


A bug or not
       I just happened to pick up the August '86 issue from the stack and happened to turn to Clayton Walnum's review of AtariWriter Plus. I had read it before I bought AW + and remembered his comments about a few bugs. Well, there is one bug he did not mention; one that makes AW + unusable.
    If you happen to write a line that exceeds the number of columns allowed, word wrap is supposed to do its thing. Most of the time it does so. But if you happen to use a word that exceeds the limit by one character, word wrap falls down on the job; it moves that extra character down to the next line (at printout time) and does a line feed in doing so. Great! I had purchased AW + sometime back in '87 but didn't use it until recently and ran to this problem. I put it back into the box and filed it with a few other programs that don't work.
    Does anyone out there have a fix?
-Carl C. Springer
Merritt Island, FL

    Yes, you did indeed catch a bug that I didn't spot, but to say that that small problem makes AtariWriter Plus unusable is a gross exaggeration. Just the fact that I didn't catch the bug shows how rarely it crops up. I wrote many, many articles with AW+ and never once ran into the problem you describe (although, I did test AW + again based on your complaint, and found that the software does behave as you've described). When this problem crops up it's a simple thing to fix; just a quick change of your margin setting will do the trick. I still say that AtariWriter Plus is an excellent product, and I easily recommend it to anyone looking for a good word processor for their 8-bit Atari.