Classic Computer Magazine Archive Index of Antic articles by Harvey Bernstein

Antic Vol. 2 No. 4 - July 1983 - Computing: the New Adventure

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews ATR8000, Apprentice Robot Arm Kit, Adventureland, The Pharoah's Curse, Mapping The Atari, Warlock's Revenge, Happy 810 Enhancement, Omnimon, Epson FX-80 Printer, B KEY 400 by Chuck Skinner, Mike Dunn, Alan Filipski, Christopher Chabris, Roy Wolford, Robert Kawaratani, Harvey Bernstein, David Duberman, Arthur Leyenberger, Richard DeVore

Antic Vol. 2 No. 5 - August 1983 - Graphics

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Mapmaker, Zaxxon, Fort Apocalypse, PM Animator, Kid Grid, Demon Attack, Starcross by Clyde Spencer, Marc Benioff, Roy Wolford, David Duberman, Bryan Welch, Harvey Bernstein

Antic Vol. 2 No. 7 - October 1983 - Sports Games

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Astro Chase, Blue Max, Snooper Troops Case #1, Hockey, Bible Baseball, Career Counselor, Knockout, Microgroup by Jordan Powell, Roy Wolford, Valerie Pang, Larry Dziegielewski, Harvey Bernstein, David Plotkin, Julie Sickert

Antic Vol. 2 No. 12 - March 1984 - The International Atari

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Joust, Screen Maker, BASIC XL, BC's Quest for Tires, Oil's Well, Clipper Around the Horn in 1850, Zeppelin, Star League Baseball, Jumpman Junior, Zombies by David Duberman, Julie Sickert, Jerry White, Harvey Bernstein, John Harrison, Mary Harrison, Richard Herring, Gordon Wong, David Faughn, Roy Wolford

Antic Vol. 3 No. 3 - July 1984 - New-Age Communications

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Mickey in the Great Outdoors, MPP-1000C modem, RM1000 Radio Modem, Volksmodem, INTER-LISP/65, Lode Runner, Ken Uston's Professional Blackjack, Trains, Ultima 1 by Rhonda Holmes, John Weber, Dick Slavens, Matthew Ratcliff, Jim Dearner, Bryan Welch, Harvey Bernstein, George Adamson

Antic Vol. 3 No. 5 - September 1984 - Computer Graphics

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Rainbow Walker, The Seven Cities of Gold, Pitfall, Drol, Carrier Force, NATO Commander, Omnitrend's Universe, Atari BASIC Faster and Better, Codewriter, Advanced Programming Techniques For Your Atari by Andrew Bell, Sandra Carlisle, Ellen Keyt, Brian Ho Fung, Christine Lunardini, Edward Bever, Harvey Bernstein, Jerry White, Matthew Ratcliff

Antic Vol. 3 No. 10 - February 1985 - Money Mastery

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Archon II: Adept, Bridgepro, Tink's Adventure, TUK Goes To Town, Stealth, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sams Atari Photofacts, XL Boss by Steve Panak, Harvey Bernstein, Anita Malnig, Jack Powell, Edward Bever, Scott Schrader, Thomas Rainbow

Antic Vol. 4 No. 1 - May 1985 - New Super Ataris

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Ghostbusters, Spy Vs. Spy, MAC/65 Toolkit, U. S. Adventure, 50 Mission Crush, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein by Harvey Bernstein, Andy Barton, Anita Malnig, Karl Wiegers

Antic Vol. 4 No. 5 - September 1985 - Power Programming

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Star SR-10 printer, Trivia Quest, Bank Street Music Writer, Kampfgruppe, Guidebook for Winning Adventurers, Dr. Wacko Presents Atari BASIC, The Home Computer Wars, Computer Title Bout, Battle of Shiloh, Broadsides, Alley Cat by Charles Jackson, Harvey Bernstein, Michael Lasky, John Stanoch, Scott Lewis, Suzanne Clupper, Robert Fox

Antic Vol. 4 No. 7 - November 1985 - New Communications

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Great Cross-Country Road Race, Ankh, Simax Video Signmaker, Mind Wheel, Final Legacy, Chopper Hunt, Reforger '88 by Jack Powell, Harvey Bernstein, Brad Kershaw, Andre Persidsky, John Stanoch

Antic Vol. 4 No. 9 - January 1986 - Atari Products Are Back!

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Kennedy Approach, Halley Project, Wishbringer, Mindshadow, Twirlybird, Objective: Kursk by Charles Jackson, David Plotkin, Harvey Bernstein, Jimmy Yu, John Stanoch

Antic Vol. 4 No. 10 - February 1986 - Printer Power

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews ICEPIC Interface, Computer Printer Commands book, MicroNet, Hacker, MicroPort XL, Lode Runner's Rescue, Dr. Seuss Fix-up the Mix-Up Puzzler, Colonial Conquest, Six-Gun Shootout by Eric Clausen, Charles Cherry, Harvey Bernstein, David Plotkin, Gigi Bisson, Rich Moore, Brad Kershaw

Antic Vol. 4 No. 11 - March 1986 - Practical Applications

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Epson FX-85 printer, Silent Service, Powerstar, Karateka, Pastfinder, Master of the Lamps, Operation Market Garden, Blue Max 2001 by Eric Clausen, Rich Moore, Harvey Bernstein, David Plotkin, Brad Kershaw, Scott Lewis
  • ST Product News Hippo Disk Utility, HippoSimple, HabaWriter, HippoSpell, Forbidden Quest by Patrick Bass, Gil Merciez, Ian Chadwick, Brad Kershaw, Harvey Bernstein

Antic Vol. 5 No. 1 - May 1986 - Fourth Anniversary Issue

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Zorro, Train Dispatcher, Voice Master, Conflict In Vietnam, Movie Maker, Star Fleet by David Plotkin, Jack Mindy, Charles Cherry, John Stanoch, Michael Lasky, Harvey Bernstein

Antic Vol. 5 No. 2 - June 1986 - Summer Computing

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews MIDI Music System, NAM, SoundMouse, Gradescan, Spellbreaker, Battalion Commander, Spy vs. Spy II by Gary Yost, Rich Moore, Charles Cherry, Stephen Roquemore, Harvey Bernstein, John Stanoch, Brad Kershaw

Antic Vol. 5 No. 3 - July 1986 - Degas Contest Winners

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews RAMBO XL, Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar, Screens, ACE80, Compute's Third Book of Atari, Micromod by Matthew Ratcliff, Harvey Bernstein, Scot Tumlin, Andy Eddy, Stephen Roquemore

Antic Vol. 5 No. 4 - August 1986 - Going Online

  • ST Product News Pro Fortran-77, Hippo Backgammon, Winnie The Pooh, ST GEM Programmer's Reference, OS-9 68000, Volkswriter Deluxe, KnowledgeSet CD-ROM Player, Imaginet, The Manager, File Server System, ST One Write, Donald Duck's Playground, Isgur Portfolio System, I*S Talk, Thunder, PaperClip Elite, Regent Base, Regent Word II, Prospero Pascal, Action Pak, Starglider, Silent Service, Dac-Easy, Personal Money Manager, Kissed, Major Motion, Time Bandits, MousePad, Okimate 20 Color Printer, Slideshows, Henrey's Fundamental BASIC, STKey, Disk Key, Atari ST Logo by Mike Fleischmann, Harvey Bernstein, Rebecca Guber, Russell Magnuson

Antic Vol. 5 No. 7 - November 1986 - Personal Finance

  • ST Product News Thunder, Cornerman, KISSED, Hacker II, Disk Library, Gateway by Steven DiMeo, Sol Guber, Gregg Pearlman, Harvey Bernstein

Antic Vol. 5 No. 10 - February 1987 - Word Processing

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Millionaire, Dots-Perfect Upgrade Kit, Super Reevekey, Top Gunner, World Karate Championship by Harvey Bernstein, Gregg Pearlman, David Plotkin, Len Dorfman, John McCormick

Antic Vol. 5 No. 12 - April 1987 - Win the Tax Game

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Video Vegas, Mercenary, Wizard's Crown, Fight Night, Gettysburg by Gregg Pearlman, Harvey Bernstein, Rich Moore

Antic Vol. 6 No. 2 - June 1987 - Jump Into Animation

  • ST Product News S.D.I., Leader Board, M-Disk Plus, Nine Princes in Amber by Harvey Bernstein, Mark Weaver, Sol Guber, Jim Pierson-Perry

Antic Vol. 6 No. 6 - October 1987 - Football Predictor

  • ST Reviews Balance of Power, Talking Educational Software by Harvey Bernstein, Sol Guber

Antic Vol. 6 No. 10 - February 1988 - Scanners

  • ST Games Gallery Vegas Craps, Stationfall, Roadwar 2000, Submarine Battle, Micro League Baseball, 221-B Baker Street by Rick Teverbaugh, Harvey Bernstein, Gregg Pearlman

Antic Vol. 6 No. 11 - March 1988 - Video Game Shootout

  • ST Games Gallery Empire, Super Huey, Breach by John Kintz, Steve Panak, Harvey Bernstein

Antic Vol. 7 No. 1 - May 1988 - Sixth Anniversary

  • New ST Entertainments From Dungeons To Outer Space by Steve Panak, Rick Teverbaugh, Harvey Bernstein, Jim Pierson-Perry

Antic Vol. 7 No. 3 - July 1988 - Newsroom Comes To Atari

  • ST Games Gallery Hunt For Red October, Arctic Fox, Oids, Police Quest, Space Quest II, Slaygon, Beyond Zork by Scot Tumlin, John Manor, Harvey Bernstein

Antic Vol. 7 No. 6 - October 1988 - Atari Grand Slam

Antic Vol. 7 No. 8 - December 1988 - Best of 1988

  • Star Glider II Improvement on an outstanding original by Harvey Bernstein
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