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Antic Vol. 5 No. 4 - August 1986 - Going Online

  • Antic Online
  • BAUUG Speaks Out! Modem/software picks, pans by Gigi Bisson
  • Game of the Month Bumblebee Warning: this game is much harder than it looks! by Eddie Carstens
  • dBMAN Important Dbase III workalike by Erik Gunderson
  • File Master No more disk disorganization by Jason Worley
  • Floppy Filer Handy disk directory printouts by Robert Blaney
  • Going Online Step-by-step to your first download by Gigi Bisson, Charles Jackson
  • I/O Board
  • Linkline Run your 8-bit Atari from your ST by Patrick Bass
  • Modem/Software Source List Choose the product that's best for you
  • New Products PR Connector, 800XE Plus, InSyst!, Mech Brigade, Ramjet 256K, Voice Master Demo Disk, Flight Simulator Scenery Disks, Tinkertune, Home Robotics Workshops
  • N-Vision Splashy new paint software by Vic Albino
  • Online Picture Viewer Grafcon-ST: part II by Patrick Bass
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews GEnie, Silent Butler, Super 3-D Plotter II, BASIC View, Monday Morning Manager, Ballyhoo, Music Painter by William Colburn, Stephen Roquemore, Len Dorfman, Charles Jackson, Walter Wenclewicz, Michael Lasky, Sol Guber
  • ST Product News Pro Fortran-77, Hippo Backgammon, Winnie The Pooh, ST GEM Programmer's Reference, OS-9 68000, Volkswriter Deluxe, KnowledgeSet CD-ROM Player, Imaginet, The Manager, File Server System, ST One Write, Donald Duck's Playground, Isgur Portfolio System, I*S Talk, Thunder, PaperClip Elite, Regent Base, Regent Word II, Prospero Pascal, Action Pak, Starglider, Silent Service, Dac-Easy, Personal Money Manager, Kissed, Major Motion, Time Bandits, MousePad, Okimate 20 Color Printer, Slideshows, Henrey's Fundamental BASIC, STKey, Disk Key, Atari ST Logo by Mike Fleischmann, Harvey Bernstein, Rebecca Guber, Russell Magnuson
  • Antic Online Survey Results Atari users' top 10 communications tools by Nat Friedland
  • Tech Tips
  • Ultrafont Ultimate type-in character editor by Steven Lee, Charles Jackson
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