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Antic Vol. 5 No. 5 - September 1986 - Weather

  • BASIC Tracer Powerful Debugging Utility For Your Programs by Kevin Gevatosky
  • I/O Board
  • Magamax Don't Even Think About Another C Compiler by Mike Fleischmann
  • Music Studio Music For 8-Bit Ataris And STs by Chris Many
  • Starting Out New Owners Column Lesson 6: Subroutines by David Plotkin
  • New Products Super ReeveKey, CRT Magnifier, Rite Notch, Checkbook Plus, StyleWriter, Action Annex BBS System, MIDI Editor, 221 B Baker Street
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Atari Planrtarium, Microflyte ATC Joystick, Microleague Baseball, Star Raiders II, Compute Your Roots by Gregg Pearlman, Charles Jackson
  • ST New Products Financial Cookbook, Cards, Helpmate, STcalc, Sidecar, Volksmodem VM520, Softworks BASIC, ST 3-D Graphics, Cineaware, Electro Page by Gigi Bisson, Sol Guber, Gregg Pearlman
  • ST Product News Super Reevekey, CRT Magnifier, Rite Notch, Checkbook Plus, Stylewriter, Action Annex BBS System, Midi Editor, 221 B Baker Street
  • ST WEFAX Decoder Degas Graphics From Satellite Pictures by Patrick Bass
  • Tech Tips
  • The Manager Massive, Full-Featured Database Uses ST's Colors by Jim Dearner
  • Weather Calculator Meteorologist Uses Atari As Home Forecasting Tool by Gigi Bisson, Jan Null
  • Weather Facsimile Worldwide From Satellites To Ships At Sea by Charles Jackson
  • Weather Maps From Space For Atari 8-Bit and ST Computers by Charles Jackson
  • WEFAX Decoder How To Use The Program, Why It Works by Patrick Bass
  • Build The WEFAX Interface by Bill Marquardt
  • Where The Weather Comes From Inside A National Weather Service Station by Gigi Bisson
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