Classic Computer Magazine Archive A.N.A.L.O.G. ISSUE 63 / AUGUST 1988 / PAGE 6

8-Bit News

The Newsroom is entirely menu driven and, as the box indicates, well made for "journalists of all ages;"

Desktop Publishing for Your XE/XL
    Before you spend $1,000 on a Macintosh desktop publishing system, you might want to find out if desktop publishing is what you realy need. For less thran $500 you could be writing your own newsletters using an Atari 130XE, Floppy Disk and The Newsroom from Springboard Software. This new package for the XE/XL. lets you create banners, newspapers and fairly sophisticated layouts.
    The Newsroom comes in a sturdy plastic box with two diskettes crammed with nifty drawings, diagrams and pictures. Additional Clip Art Collection disks are available for under $20 to expand the library of drawings that can be used in your publications. The Newsroom is entirely menu driven, and as the box indicates is well made for "journalists of all ages."
    Documentation for The Newsroom comes in a nicely illustrated 100-page users manual. Selections for printing text with serifs, sans serif, bold, underlined and more are easily chosen with a couple of key strokes. The program is well-designed for mixing text and graphics.

Springboard Software, Inc.
7808 Creekridge Circle
Minneapolis, MN 55435 (612) 944-3912