Classic Computer Magazine Archive A.N.A.L.O.G. ISSUE 63 / AUGUST 1988 / PAGE 8

Reader Comment

As you can tell by flipping through this magazine, ANALOG has indeed been redesigned.
Over the next few months, as we get comfortable with the new publishers and they with us, the rough edges will be smoothed.

The Missing Touch
I just received the May issue of ANALOG Computing, and I love the new cover design. The new logo is really sharp and the photo is hilarious. I couldn't wait to flip open the magazine to see what other changes had been made. Imagine my confusion when I was greeted by the same old ANALOG. Now don't get me wrong. I don't mean to say there was anything very wrong with ANALOG's old style. It's just that after reading the editorial in the April issue I was expecting some exciting new changes. So where are they? Did somebody quit right after coming up with the cover? Is this a case of beauty being only cover deep? Are you getting sick of all these silly questions?
-Todd Rapherty
Dormont, PA

    Silly questions? What silly questions? We can understand your confusion, and so are glad to take this space to tell you-and everyone else who is interested-something about the magazine's production.
    It takes a lot of time to design a magazine from the ground up. When ANALOG Computing went back into full production, there was enough work to keep us busy just getting the magazines out the door on time, without having to worry about a new design as well. To expedite the process of getting the magazines back into your mailbox, we used the material that had already been completed at the old offices. That's why the style looks so familiar. The only thing that was missing for those first issues (April and May) was the cover for May. Because we had to come up with a new cover anyway, we took the time to have it redesigned, taking us one step closer to that new look we promised you.