Classic Computer Magazine Archive A.N.A.L.O.G. ISSUE 63 / AUGUST 1988 / PAGE 6

8-Bit News

AtariWriter 80 Rounds the Finish Line
    The official line from Atari regarding the release date of AtariWriter 80, the new Atari word processor that works with the XEP80, 80 column-board, has been . . .
    "AtariWriter 80 will he out next month!"
    ANALOG contacted Microfantacy, the development group that wrote the original AtariWriter Plus and is now developing AtariWriter 80.Ron Rosen, the AtariWriter 80 product manager, told us the AtariWriter 80 program was completed in November 1987 and delivered to Atari for testing. After several debugging rounds, the program was finally accepted in April 1988 and is now being prepared for release.
    AtariWriter 80 is an unusually powerful word processor. Using the XEP80 board. AtariWriter uses have access to a professional word processor that offers print-preview, multiple margin settings, tab settings, cut, copy and paste functions and an advanced mail-merge database, proofreader and spelling checker for approximately $100. The XEP80 board also gives immediate access to a parallel printer port, avoiding the use of the hard-to-find Atari 850 interface board. On the rear of the XEP80 board, a DB25 parallel printer connector lets you use a standard printer connector to hook up your parallel printer.

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