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Antic Vol. 4 No. 6 - October 1985 - Mind Tools

  • ST Product News Presenting the Atari ST, 4xFORTH, Twin, Financial Cookbook, Philon Compilers

Antic Vol. 4 No. 9 - January 1986 - Atari Products Are Back!

Antic Vol. 4 No. 10 - February 1986 - Printer Power

  • ST Product News Hippo Almanac, Soft Spool, PC/InterComm, Flip Side, Mudpies

Antic Vol. 4 No. 11 - March 1986 - Practical Applications

  • ST Product News Hippo Disk Utility, HippoSimple, HabaWriter, HippoSpell, Forbidden Quest

Antic Vol. 4 No. 12 - April 1986 - Computer Mathematics

  • ST Product News ST-TERM, Transylvanla, Crimson Crown, Word for Word, Mind Forever Voyaging

Antic Vol. 5 No. 1 - May 1986 - Fourth Anniversary Issue

  • ST Product News Treasure Island, King's Quest II, Fahrenheit 451, Perry Mason, Electro Calendar, Electro Solitaire, Typesetter ST, Borrowed Time, The Black Cauldron, Donald Duck's Vacation, ST Onewrite, Alternate Realities, ST Programmer's Guide, Silent Service, Q.R.S. Music Rolls, DX-Droid, MIDI Track ST, DevPac ST, Zoomracks, Rhythm, Bridge 4.0, Compubridge, Apshai Trilogy, Winter Games, Star Raiders ST

Antic Vol. 5 No. 2 - June 1986 - Summer Computing

  • ST Product News Homes & Duckworth Forth, Brataccas, Borrowed Time, HippoVission, H&D Base, The ManagerThe Elementary Atari ST, Modula-2 Programming, Abacus ST Books, The C Primer, Atari ST User's Guide, Mindshadow, Mouse Pad, Micro RTX, EasyDraw, Bitmap Coloring book, Philon Fast/BASIC-M, Let's Write, Let's C, csd, 65c02 Cross Assembler

Antic Vol. 5 No. 3 - July 1986 - Degas Contest Winners

  • ST Product News Printmaster, Rhythm, Hacker, Hippospell,CP/M Operating System emulator, Turbo Pascal, ST Colourspace, Fotran 77, Philon, Animate!, Micro RTX, Financial Cookbook, Interlink, Orchestrator, HippoWord, HippoLaser, HippoPixel, 68000 Primer, ST/art

Antic Vol. 5 No. 4 - August 1986 - Going Online

  • ST Product News Pro Fortran-77, Hippo Backgammon, Winnie The Pooh, ST GEM Programmer's Reference, OS-9 68000, Volkswriter Deluxe, KnowledgeSet CD-ROM Player, Imaginet, The Manager, File Server System, ST One Write, Donald Duck's Playground, Isgur Portfolio System, I*S Talk, Thunder, PaperClip Elite, Regent Base, Regent Word II, Prospero Pascal, Action Pak, Starglider, Silent Service, Dac-Easy, Personal Money Manager, Kissed, Major Motion, Time Bandits, MousePad, Okimate 20 Color Printer, Slideshows, Henrey's Fundamental BASIC, STKey, Disk Key, Atari ST Logo

Antic Vol. 5 No. 5 - September 1986 - Weather

  • ST Product News Super Reevekey, CRT Magnifier, Rite Notch, Checkbook Plus, Stylewriter, Action Annex BBS System, Midi Editor, 221 B Baker Street

Antic Vol. 5 No. 6 - October 1986 - Hard Disks for Atari

  • ST Product News Time Bandit, Volks VM520, Logikhron Clock Card, Ms. Em, Microbyte disk drive, Bigfoot Clock Card, Eprom Boards, AC/Fortran, Breakers, Prospero Pro Pascal, BASIC Training Guide, Graphics and Sound, Squeeg and Unsqueeg, LCM-200 Logikhron Clock Module, Atari ST Explored, Disk Library, Paintworks, Micro Cookbook, Leather Goddess of Phobos, Hole in One Golf, Comic Strip Maker, Typing Tutor, Word Invaders, Winter Games, Temple of Apshai Trilogy

Antic Vol. 5 No. 7 - November 1986 - Personal Finance

  • ST Product News Thunder, Cornerman, KISSED, Hacker II, Disk Library, Gateway

Antic Vol. 5 No. 9 - January 1987 - Atari New Year!

  • ST Product News First CADD, Arrakis Advantage Series, Metacomco BCPL, Make, OSS BareWare, Maxthink, Smart Watch, Unicalc Template Pack I, ST Base BBS, Converter Cartridge, ST Command Center, ST Tools I, ST Demos I, Typesetter Elite, P.M. Interface, Mouse Key, World Games, ProCharge, Julian, ProA/D, Mouse Medic, FlashBack, Deep Space

Antic Vol. 5 No. 11 - March 1987 - Inside Today's Atari Corp.

Antic Vol. 5 No. 12 - April 1987 - Win the Tax Game

  • ST Product News The Pinball Factory, Silent Service, Black Cauldron, Textpro, Universe II

Antic Vol. 6 No. 1 - May 1987 - Antic's Fifth Anniversary

  • ST Product News AnsiTerm, Hard Disk Accelerator, MT C-Shell, Star NB-15, Diablo, Disk Library, WordPerfect, Word Writer ST, SwiftCalc ST, Data Manager ST, MIDIPLAY

Antic Vol. 6 No. 2 - June 1987 - Jump Into Animation

Antic Vol. 6 No. 3 - July 1987 - Print Anything with Your Atari

Antic Vol. 6 No. 9 - January 1988 - Sixth Annual Shoppers Guide

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