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Antic Vol. 7 No. 2 - June 1988 - Power Up!

  • Atari's 12 New Entertainment Cartridges Bonanza For All 8-Bit Gamesters!, Barnyard Blaster, Archon, Fight Night, One-on-one, David's Midnight Magic, Ballblazer, Blue Max, Star Raiders II, Lode Runner, Battle Zone, Hardball Rescue On Fractalus by David Plotkin
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Covox Voice Master Jr., SSI's Shilob, Panasonic KX-PL09LI Printer by Jared Lum, Rich Moore, Rick Teverbaugh
  • Online Atari SX212 & Supramodem 2400 Two Breakthrough Values In Online Hardware by Charles Jackson, Gregg Pearlman
  • More * Secrets Of Atariwriter Mail Merge, Ramdisks, Macros, Wildcards And More by Kevin Steele
  • Education Big Bird, Ernie, Tink Tonks - Only $9.95 Each Renaissance In Educational Software Reissues by Paul Waxman
  • Editorial by Nat Friedland
  • Game of the Month Escape From Hell! Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Don't Use Typo II by Tony Barnes
  • Disk Bonus Grand Underground Text Adventure New Challenge For Zork Fans by Steven Lee
  • Feature Application GTIA Joystick Painter Powerful Atari Animation Tool by Robin Alan Sherer
  • I/O Board
  • Late-Breaking Atari News
  • MIDI Resources Guide For ST Electronic Musicians by Jim Pierson-Perry
  • More Bonus Files
  • New Products IC1050 Controller, Floppiclene, Star NR-10, PrintPower, 1050 Detective, Survey of Early Childhood Software
  • Power Tools For 8-Bit Atari Programmers' And Power Users' Plethora! by Charles Cherry, Matthew Ratcliff
  • P.S. Envelope Maker Automate Your Print Shop Envelopes by Stanley Harrison
  • Bonus Game Sleuth Challenging Memory Game, No Reading Required by Heath Lawrence
  • ST Games Gallery Pinball Wizard, Airball, President Elect, Tanglewood, Diamond Dave, Super Cycle
  • ST New Products GenWave/12, ST OmniRes, Solderless RAM II, Fast Forward, Master Tracks, Saved!, Turbo ST, Hard Disk Sentry, paperboy, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Impact, Road Runner, Indoor Sports, Superstar Ice Hockey, Leviathan, Top Gun, Winter Challenge, Tai-Pan, Wizball by Gregg Pearlman
  • String Array Simulator List Processing Power Upgrade by Richard Whitsell
  • ST Toolbox Smooth Talker, Superbase by Stephen Roquemore, David Plotkin
  • Super CZ Real-Time MIDI Special Effects by Jim Pierson-Perry
  • Tech Tips DOS 2 Transfusion, Make A Mem.Save by Charles Jackson
  • New Super Disk Drive From Atari First Look Inside The XF551 by Rich Tietjens
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