Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 7, NO. 2 / JUNE 1988

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ST New Products

By GREGG PEARLMAN, Antic Assistant Editor


GenWave/12 is a mouse-driven, generic waveform editing system and sample translator for your 1040ST or Mega that supports several popular 12-bit samplers. You can transfer sound samples via MIDI from the sampler to the computer for high-resolution waveform display, editing and digital signal processing. GenWave/12 supports Emu Emax and SP-1200, Sequential P-2000/2, Akai S900 and other instruments conforming to the MIDI Sample Dump Standard.

Features include a visual looping editor, variable crossfade looping and freehand waveform drawing. Digital processing elements include digital equalization and enveloping, gain change and unlimited cut-and-paste splicing.

$299. Drumware, 12077 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 515, Los Angeles, CA 90025. (213) 478-3956. Requires 1Mb.



With E. Arthur Brown Co.'s new composite cable ($24.95), any ST can use composite video monitors. The cable connects to the standard ST monitor port and converts the RGB signal to gray-scaled low-resolution and medium-resolution composite output-resulting in clear gray- scaled black and white images on color and monochrome composite monitors.

Developed by Hypertek/Silicon Springs, a Canadian firm, ST OmniRes ($34.95) lets you run "color only" software on your monochrome monitor-and has a utility for displaying high-resolution on color monitors. This product is also available from Brown.

Because of the increase in RAM chip costs, Brown's 1 to 4Mb Solderless RAM II upgrades are now selling for $249.95 for a fully socketed board, but empty boards will remain at $169. Free RAMdisk and spooler software is included. Installing RAM II is simple: just remove your ST's MMU chip from its socket, plug it in to the new MMU Adaptor Board, then plug the Adaptor Board back into the MMU socket. Then do the same with your shifter chip.

E. Arthur Brown Co., 3404 Pawnee Drive, Alexandria, MN 56308. (612) 762-8847, (612) 763-6393.



Attention, video store managers: Fast Forward ($299) and Fast Forward Advanced ($900) video store management software from Turning Point Software, will help you keep your business under control. The capabilities of this software range from a single-user or single-terminal system to a multiuser/networking system with barcode reader capability and more. Each package can handle movie reservations, rentals and purchase, as well as a customer base. Fast Forward Advanced has networking capabilities, costing $500 for two more terminals and $100 for each terminal after that.

Fast Forward features include an easy-to-use calendar for movie reservations, allowing movies to be booked well in advance; simple data management techniques for adding movies to your inventory; a security system; membership maintenance capabilities; straightforward invoicing; customizable reports and options for full networking.

Barcode software costs $100 for a single user, $150 for a networking system; modern drivers cost $200 per location; and a demo version of Fast Forward costs $25--it's fully functional but has limited record capacity.

Turning Point Software, 801 Mohawk Road West, Hamilton, Ontario, L9C 6C2 Canada; 2201 Pine Avenue, Niagara Falls, NY 14301. (416) 575-2867.



In version 2.0 of Master Tracks Pro ($349.95), the Punch In and Punch Out features offer a dialog window to set autopunch in/out points for your music. And a new Conductor Track Data Window graphically reflects changes made to the conductor track from the change window or with the pencil and eraser tools. The Elapsed Time indicator, Quantize window and measure insertion have been improved as well.

Master Tracks Jr. $(129.95), an entrylevel sequencer for the ST, provides 64 tracks for real-time or step-time recording, a MIDI song pointer, 100K-plus note capacity (with 1Mb), auto-punch in/out, step input, MIDI files and more.

Passport Designs Inc., 625 Miramontes Street, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019. (415) 726-0280.



In version 2 of HiSoft's useful utility package, Saved!, the RAMdisk can now survive a machine reset, and you can copy files or whole directories into it automatically upon booting. You can use mouse or keyboard to access all popular commands, as well as set the system path so that you can put your applications on the RAMdisk, saving your floppies for data. Saved! also has UnDel, a utility for recovering deleted files.

About $50 in British pounds. (Updates cost about $8.) HiSoft, The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford, UK MK45 5DE. (0525) 718181.



For text applications, such as word processing, why knock yourself out installing a blitter chip when you can use Turbo ST, Softrek's "software blitter"? Installation takes about two seconds; after you load your favorite word processor, program editor, database, etc., you'll see a dramatic increase in speed-in ST Writer, for example, paging speed is increased 108 % , and scrolling speed is increased 42%.

$49.95. Softrek, 2628 Martz Court, Orlando, FL 32817. (305) 657-4611.



If you have a hard disk, whenever your system bombs, reports a fatal error or just generally gives you grief, chances are that some data has been damaged. That's where Hard Disk Sentry comes in. During the diagnostic process, Sentry performs tests, reports which files are in jeopardy and verifies if the subdirectories are linked properly. Then it fixes as many errors as it can.

$49.95. Beckemeyer Development Tools, 478 Santa Clara Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610. (415) 452-1129.



It's probably best to pay your newspaper subscriptions by mail. Otherwise you'll be disturbed by a Paperboy ($49.95) every month-and they only drop by during dinner and/or "Star Trek." In this arcade classic, your job is to deliver the morning paper to your subscribers without incident, except for breaking the occasional window or otherwise wreaking havoc as the mood suits you-just like real life.

Remember how in the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ($49.95) the audience had no chance to relax between the horrible events that befell Indy? Same here. And you may not have the luck the professor did in his encounters with various hazards -- which are still pretty small potatoes compared to what awaits you in the Temple.

Impact ($39.95) is part Pong, part Breakout and part Araknoid. While you deflect the bouncing ball and knock down the barriers, you'll be destroying alien objects and catching falling tokens to win special weapons and bonus points. Road Runner ($49.95) is basically like the cartoons: it's you against Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius. If he catches you, you're through. In the cartoons, the Road Runner always wins and the coyote always hits the ground astoundingly hard. In the game, the Road Runner's odds aren't so hot. Meep, meep.

Indoor Sports ($49.95) features simulations of bowling, darts, air hockey and ping-pong. Each game allows individualized playing styles and has colorful, reahstic graphics. In Superstar Ice Hockey ($49.95) you make the trades, recruit players from the minors, conduct training camps, make line changes and call strategies. You'll compete with 19 other teams on your way to the Stanley Cup. The program can track as many as nine seasons.

The following programs are from Thunder Mountain, Mindscape's line of discount software. All titles are $14.95:

Fly above three detailed planets, vaporizing all in your path, in Leviathan, a space shoot-em-up featuring diagonal scrolling landscapes and true perspective graphics. Top Gun puts you at the controls of a somewhat less advanced vessel, an F-14 Tomcat, as you take on another player or the computer.

In Winter Challenge, up to six players go for the gold in the ski jump, downhill racing, bobsled, giant slalom and biathlon, while in Tau Ceti, a 360-degree scanner, four-way view screen and infrared night sights are part of the unique graphics in this space adventure.

Tai-Pan, based on the highly-acclaimed James Clavell novel combines trading skills, strategy and combat action as you seek your fortune. Wizball features dazzling graphics as you discover the secret powers and controls of the Wizball, restore the colors to Wizworld and defeat the evil Zark.

Mindscape Inc., 3444 Dundee Road, North- brook, IL 60062. (800) 221-9884, (312) 480-7667.


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