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Antic Vol. 5 No. 9 - January 1987 - Atari New Year!

  • Assembly Language Talker Talking Typewriter For The ST by Patrick Bass
  • Atari Fairs '87 Join The Fun! by Nat Friedland
  • For Sale: Atari Voices Speech-Related Products For 8-Bit And ST by Gregg Pearlman
  • Degas Elite Animation, Block Brushes, New Features Galore by Patrick Bass
  • Door Prize Automated Raffle Picks by Bill Marquardt
  • First Xlent Word Processor Up There With The Best-And Only $29 95 by Charles Cherry
  • Help!
  • I/O Board
  • Education Math Attack Learn Arithmetic In A Flash by Ralph Davis
  • Menu Maestro Impressive Menu-Maker For Your Programs by Earl Hill
  • Modula-2: Developers Version More Features, More Power by Sol Guber
  • Starting Out New Owners Column Lesson 10: Strings by David Plotkin
  • New Products Hard Drive Adapter, 800XE Plus, Peggammon, Spell It!, Word Attack!, Millionaire, Computer Connection Mysteries Solved, Mark 4:22 Workstation, Hi-Res 16 Fonts, Typesetter Tutorial book
  • Now Hear This How Computers Learned To Speak by Patrick Bass
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Blazing Paddles, Graphix AT, Epyx 500XJ, Miles Payroll Accounting System by Charles Jackson, Kevin Peck, Gregg Pearlman, Stephen Roquemore
  • Game of the Month Rebound Flip Ogart Vs. The RotogartEatos by J. D. Casten
  • Disk Bonus Roulette by Bill Marquardt
  • Star NL-10 Printer Affordable Dot-Matrix Powerhouse by Gregg Pearlman
  • ST Flight Simulator The Mouse That Soared by Charles Jackson
  • ST Product News First CADD, Arrakis Advantage Series, Metacomco BCPL, Make, OSS BareWare, Maxthink, Smart Watch, Unicalc Template Pack I, ST Base BBS, Converter Cartridge, ST Command Center, ST Tools I, ST Demos I, Typesetter Elite, P.M. Interface, Mouse Key, World Games, ProCharge, Julian, ProA/D, Mouse Medic, FlashBack, Deep Space by Gregg Pearlman
  • ST Reviews ST Star Raiders, The Animator, Macro Manager by Gregg Pearlman, Michael Nowicki, Steven DiMeo
  • Super Trek in ST Basic Play The Ultimate Star Trek Game by Stephen Everman, Paul Pratt
  • Talking Typewriter Atari Spells It Out-8-Bit Or ST by Bill Marquardt
  • Tech Tips by Bill Marquardt
  • Disk Bonus Holiday Inn picture for Degas Elite by Patrick Bass
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