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Antic Vol. 5 No. 6 - October 1986 - Hard Disks for Atari

  • Antic Online
  • Bonus Files: Degas images
  • Education Castle Colorful bonus game for 8-bit and ST by Tracy Hershey, Lori Hershey, Bill Marquardt
  • Starting Out The Great Goto Debate New owners column sparks controversy by Patrick Bass, Frank Hayes
  • Hard Disks for the Atari Why you'll want one! by Nat Friedland
  • Three Hard Disks for the ST Atari 20Mb, Supradrive and Habadisk 10Mb by Patrick Bass
  • Help!
  • Inside a Hard Disk 'Like flying a Boeing 747 six inches above ground' by Patrick Bass
  • I/O Board
  • Atari Still Makes the Grade Going strong in the classroom by Gigi Bisson
  • Mouse Editor 'Pointer construction set' in ST BASIC by Kevin Kennedy
  • New Products HardBall, Cardiac Arrest!, Promodem 2400, STAR Scenery Disks, Carina BBS, More! Graphics, Mark 4:22, Epson EX-800
  • Okimate 20 Review Color printer worthy of ST graphics by Patrick Bass
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews P:R: Connection, Write 80, Racing Destruction Set, Fooblitzky, Artist Unleashed, Layout by Kurt Oestreich, Andy Eddy, David Plotkin, Michael Lasky
  • Softworks BASIC Review Fast, compiled BASIC for experienced users by David Plotkin
  • Game of the Month Sssnake!!! Help a fright-crazed reptile survive by Chet Walters
  • ST Product News Time Bandit, Volks VM520, Logikhron Clock Card, Ms. Em, Microbyte disk drive, Bigfoot Clock Card, Eprom Boards, AC/Fortran, Breakers, Prospero Pro Pascal, BASIC Training Guide, Graphics and Sound, Squeeg and Unsqueeg, LCM-200 Logikhron Clock Module, Atari ST Explored, Disk Library, Paintworks, Micro Cookbook, Leather Goddess of Phobos, Hole in One Golf, Comic Strip Maker, Typing Tutor, Word Invaders, Winter Games, Temple of Apshai Trilogy by Gil Merciez, Patrick Bass, Chuck Trunk
  • Supradrive for 8-bit Ataris 10 million bytes at your fingertips by Charles Jackson
  • Tech Tips Michael Metz
  • Text Sidewinder Eye-catching horizontal display by Jess Englehart
  • Typo ST Auto-proofing for BASIC type-ins by Patrick Bass
  • Video Stretch Rubber visuals in ACTION! by Lloyd Burchill
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