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Antic Vol. 4 No. 7 - November 1985 - New Communications

  • Antic Online by Gigi Bisson
  • C.O.L.R. Object Editor First ST Software In Antic Arcade Catalog by Gigi Bisson
  • Assembly Language Fast Moves Speedy Cursor and Keyboard Repeats by Patrick Dell'era
  • Reader's First ST Program Logo Spirals, Peek Command by Fred Hatfield
  • I/O Board
  • Kyan Pascal Review True Pascal For Atari, At Last by Ray Cole
  • 130XE Memory Management How To Use The XE's Extra 64K by Ian Chadwick
  • Morse Code Receiver Atari Dots And Dashes, 70 Words Per Minute by Steve Stuntz
  • New Products Syncalc Templates, Colonial Conquest, Panzer Grenadier, Typesetter, Halley Project, Assembler & Linker, The Source, Copymate, C.E.A. Home Control, Plan Ahead, Hard Byte Security, Print Shop Graphics Library II, Brimstone, Elite Personal Accountant, Microleague Baseball, Write File, Home Office, Team Mate, Computereyes, Monday Morning Manager, On-Track Racing, Hacker, Designers Pencil, Pastfinder, True Grid Digitizers, Halley Hunter
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Great Cross-Country Road Race, Ankh, Simax Video Signmaker, Mind Wheel, Final Legacy, Chopper Hunt, Reforger '88 by Jack Powell, Harvey Bernstein, Brad Kershaw, Andre Persidsky, John Stanoch
  • Radio Atari Calling Ham Satellites, Slow Scan Video, Repeater Stations, and More by Gigi Bisson
  • Radio Modems And Software RTTY On Your Atari by Bill Marquardt
  • Rapid Graphics Converter Now...Universal Picture File Compatibility by Charles Jackson
  • ST Sound Hearing The AY-3-8910 Chip by Patrick Bass
  • ST Uses IBM Disk Files Connect a 5 1/4-Inch Disk Drive by David Small
  • Typo II Double Feature Everything You Wanted In a Program Proofreader by Jack Powell, Andy Barton
  • Game of the Month Vampire Rats A Halloween Special by Tom Zarbock
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