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Antic Vol. 3 No. 5 - September 1984 - Computer Graphics

  • Starting Out Unlocking the 56 Graphics Modes by Paul Chabot
  • Atari Art Printouts Modern art on a dot matrix printer by Josepha Haveman
  • Toolbox Customizing Basic Key Functions by Mike Fleischmann
  • Communications Networking News by Michael Ciraolo
  • Computer Graphics Product Survey Unlocking the art inside you, Steve Gibson by David Duberman, David Plotkin, Nat Friedland
  • Easy Graphic Converter Mix and match graphics from four popular products by Charles Jackson
  • Assembly Language Copymate by Mike Palmer
  • Game of the Month Olympic Dash by Jeffrey Stanton
  • Drawing Fun Sketch in nine colors by Elrhea Bigham
  • Education Telling Time in Pilot by Richard Seltzer
  • Fader: A Classy Video Slide Show Dot-by-dot dissolves between pictures by Joseph Grande
  • Help!
  • I/O Board
  • Microscreens George Bradford, Dorit Tabak, Jeff McFall, Armand Deveno
  • Antic's Mode 3 A special character mode by Karl Wiegers
  • New Products Graphics Magician Picture Painter, The Color Sharpener, Rome and The Barbarians, 50 Mission Crush, Physics Examples I, Computer Titlebout, Skywriter, 600XL Memory Expansion Modules, Atari Automatic Station Switcher, Nubasic, Super Sketch, From Scratch, Assembly Language Tutor, ParallAx-AT
  • Price's Color Picture Painter 128 colors in every picture by Philip Price
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Rainbow Walker, The Seven Cities of Gold, Pitfall, Drol, Carrier Force, NATO Commander, Omnitrend's Universe, Atari BASIC Faster and Better, Codewriter, Advanced Programming Techniques For Your Atari by Andrew Bell, Sandra Carlisle, Ellen Keyt, Brian Ho Fung, Christine Lunardini, Edward Bever, Harvey Bernstein, Jerry White, Matthew Ratcliff
  • Assembly Language Rotate Your Player by Larry Parker
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