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Antic Vol. 3 No. 2 - June 1984 - Exploring the XL

  • Anatomy of an 800XL Inside the belly of the beast by Robert DeWitt
  • Use Basic to Animate An easier way to program your own games by Fred Pinho
  • Assembly Language Macro Graphics by Thomas McNamee
  • Color Finetuner Adjust your colors to a T by Stephen Malinowski
  • Education Alphabet Music by Richard Seltzer
  • Game of the Month Escape From Epsilon by J. D. Casten
  • Exploring the XL One programmer's perspective by Matthew Ratcliff
  • Antic Pix Computer Furniture by Caitlin Morgan
  • Help!
  • Inside Atari Evolution of the XL Computers O.S. changes, Revision B by Robert DeWitt
  • I/O Board
  • Languages Talk to Your Robot with Forth by Evan Rosen
  • Profiles Activision's James Levy by James Capparell
  • New Products An Atari For Kids, Popcom X100, Drol, Microindex, Alphacom 81, The Wire Tree, Microcomputer Resource Guide For The Individual Investor, Busy Baby, Art Of Computer Game Design: Reflection Of A Master Game Designer, Kleen Line Conditioner, Triga Joysticks
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews VisiCalc, Encounter, Atari User's Encyclopedia, Solo Flight, Spy Strikes Back, Mr. Robot And His Robot Factory, Microfiler, Computer Tutor, Telly Turtle, Pie Man by Joseph Kattan, James Trunzo, Fred Pinho, Gordon Miles, Mark Cotone, Steve Mcleod, George Adamson, David Plotkin, Vincent Puglia, Richard Herring
  • Scroll Your Way to the Top A short course on coarse scrolling by Christopher Chabris
  • Toolbox BASIC - A Variable Approach by Jerry White
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