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Antic Vol. 2 No. 6 - September 1983 - Computers in Education

  • Games Department Artistry in Electronic Gaming by David Duberman
  • Assembly Language Binary Autoload by Ed Schneider, Jeff Schneider
  • Antic Pix Books Choices for your library, Mapping the Atari, Programming Your Atari Computer, Basic Exercises for the Atari, The Book of Atari Software 1983, De Re Atari, I Speak Basic to My Atari, Atari Sound and Graphics, Atari Programming with 55 Programs, Kids and the Atari, Your Atari Computer
  • Tape Topics Card File for Cassettes by Vern Mastel
  • Atari in the Classroom Academic applications by Julie Sickert
  • Computers in Education Benefit or bombshell? by John Harrison, Mary Harrison
  • Dragonsmoke Fantasy Rolls by Bob Albrecht, George Firedrake
  • Forth Factory Forth Assembler by Thomas McNamee
  • Help!
  • In The Public Domain Hookey! by David Plotkin
  • Inside Atari Atari Institute by Gary Yost
  • I/O Board
  • Pilot Your Atari Atari Logo Looking Good: New Language Joins Turtle Tussle by Ken Harms
  • Microscreens Mike Sullivan, Ron Roberts
  • New Products The Factory: Explorations In Problem Solving, Lifespan, Fantasy Plaza, The Preschool Library, The Aerobics Joystick, Gradecalc, Atari Kid'S Library, Multibase Calculator, Ramcram Plus 48k, Printout Basket, Jumpman, Galactic Travel, Reading Flight, Gwendolyn, Algebra Arcade, Triad, Spare Change
  • Object Code to String Using assembly language in BASIC by Jerry White
  • Pattern Maker Art class artifact by Frank Roberts
  • Starting Line Player/Missile Tutorial by Christopher Chabris
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Micro Mainframe MF-1681 disk drive, Fundamental Word Focus, Technical Aspects Of Data Communication, Krell'S College Board, Monkey Math, Elementary Biology, The Bank Street Writer, Matchboxes by Larry Dziegielewski, Clark Nobil, David Mentley, David Plotkin, Karl Wiegers, Steve Oliver, David Duberman
  • Video Games Visit Harvard Yard Exports assess the impact by Edna Mitchell
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