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Antic Vol. 1 No. 6 - February 1983 - Tools

  • Assembly Language Extended Directory by Wes Newell
  • CBOOTMGR - Cassette Utility by Harald Striepe
  • Display Lists Simplified Mix modes on the screen by Allan Moose, Marian Lorenz
  • Dragonsmoke Words Worth, Part II by Bob Albrecht, George Firedrake
  • Education Grading on the Curve by Clyde Spencer
  • Inside Atari A look at the Atari 1200XL by Levon Mithell
  • In The Public Domain Stellar Defense by Mike Colvin
  • I/O Board
  • Looking at Books 6502 Assembly Language Programming, Assembly Language Subroutines, Programming the 6502, SY6500/MCS6500 Microcomputer Family Programming Manual, 6502 Software Design, The Atari Assembler, Beyond Games: Systems Software for your 6502 Personal Computer by Daniel Grau
  • Systems Guide Memory Map by James Capparell
  • New Products Miles Payroll System, Stratos, Inside Atari Basic, Picnic Paranoia, Magic Mail, Sea Dragon, E.T. Phone Home, Space Shuttle, Mac-65, Ramrod, Atari 400 48k Upgrade, Wordfun!, Swamp Chomp, Taxman-83, Printmate 150, Galaxians, Atari Music 1, Speedway Blast, Captain Cosmo, Starfighter, Slik Stik
  • Pilot Your Atari Sounder by Ken Harms
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Basic Commander, Wayout, Tricky Tutorials, Diskey, Basic Routines, Jeepers Creepers, Miner 2049er, Home Filing Manager, Baja Buggies, Tax Dodge, Menumakr by Roy Wolford, David Duberman,David Small, Sandy Small, David Mentley, David Plotkin, Marty O'Donnell, Deborah Burns, Christopher Chabris, Marc Benioff, Davey Saba
  • Pronto - Bank on Your Atari by Deborah Burns
  • Starting Line UT, UT and Away by Jon Loveless
  • Tape Topics PACTL Poker by Carl Evans
  • Ten Best From APX by Jordan Powell
  • Tiny Text A type-in word processor by Jim Carr
  • Toolbox A professional's favorites by Jerry White
  • Ultra Sound Let your computer drive your stereo by Thomas Krischan
  • Valentine Short but Sweet by Bill Lukeroth
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