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Antic Vol. 1 No. 5 - December 1982 - Holidays

  • Assembly Language String search by Jerry White
  • Atari Tree - He's scheming up a white Christmas by Jerry White
  • Tape Topics Christmas Mailing Lister by Bill Lukeroth
  • Dragonsmoke Word's Worth by George Firedrake, Bob Albrecht
  • Education Candle, Candle Burning Bright by Linda Schreiber
  • Forth Factory Definers by Bob Gonsalves
  • Grafix Survey of computer-art tools by Tim McGuinness
  • Great Ceaser's Host Ruminations on real-time computer clashes by Chris Crawford
  • Holiday Crossword Puzzle-generator product by Beth Kaplan
  • In The Public Domain Bats by Stan Ockers
  • I/O Board
  • Joystick Survey Alternative controllers by David Plotkin
  • Looking at Books Games for the Atari, Compute!'s Second Book of Atari, Visicalc Home and Office Companion by Guy Hurt, Paul Hoffman, David Duberman
  • Model Station A word-processing system for Atari by Robert DeWitt
  • New Products Joytyper-400 keyboard, Miner 2049er, I Talk II, AAARRRGGG, Android Attack, Starbase Assault, Hodge Podge, Filemanager+, Smartmodem 1200, Cosmic Balance, EPRQM Burner, Preparing for the SAT, Baylis Big Stick, Atari Cash Register, Microcables, Raster Blaster, P.M.P. 2000, Musicbox, Compu-Mate CM-1000, Atari Pascal, ACCU/WRITE, Legionnaire, Printer Control Code reference card, Financial Wizard
  • Oh Holy Night Pastoral scene with music by W.E. Parker
  • Pilot Your Atari Holiday Trees by Ken Harms
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Big Math Attack, Mosaic Adapter, Frogger, Sidewriter, EP-CYG-4, Christmas Music, IDSI Pool, Shamus, Pac-Man, Synassembler, Sound, Music, Choplifter!, Preppie!, Softporn Adventure, MasterType, Speedread + by Ken Harms, James Capparell, Ron Mitchell, Steve Randall, David Duberman, Roy Wolford, Jim Roberts, Robert DeWitt, Richard Herring, Marty O'Donnell, Adrian Dery, Cassie Stahl, David Mentley, Davey Saba, Clyde Spencer
  • Starting Line Help for the new user by James Capparell
  • Tape Topics A Tale of Two Circuits by Carl Evans
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