Classic Computer Magazine Archive HI-RES VOL. 1, NO. 4 / MAY/JUNE 1984 / PAGE 12


Duplication Prevention

Louisiana Secretary of state Jim Brown announce new legislation that would make his state the first in the United States to prevent the unauthorized duplication and distribution of computer software.

The bill will be introduced in the current session by Sen. William Atkins and Rep. Al Ater, both democrats.

Industry estimates peg losses to publisher wholesale revenues in 1983 at $360 million for unauthorized duplication of computer software. At least one half-billion dollars are expected to be lost this year.

Nolan Bushnell Returns

Back for a return engagement, Atari has signed an agreement to license and market products designs by Androboy Inc., a company controlled by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell.

Sources said Atari would market a line of products that include Androman, a one-foot robot designed to work with Atari's basic video game console, the VCS 2600.

By using 2600 controls, players would be able to use the television screen as a map to steer the robot around obstacles, a source said. Terms of the agreement were not released.

Mattel Backs Out

Mattel Inc., the Hawthorne, Calif., toy maker, Is getting out of video games.

Mattel will sell its Intellivision video game business, inventory and related assets for $20 million in cash to a new company formed by Mattel Electronics senior vice president of marketing and sales, Terrence Valeski.

1450XLD Coming Soon?

Atari Inc. says it is reviewing the design and features for its previously announced 1450XLD, a higher priced computer, but still plans to introduce the model this year. Atari originally announced the 1450 XLD last summer.

A Boost at Warner

Warner Communications expects to post a 1983 fourth-quarter profit of about $5 million, but said nine months of losses at its Atari unit resulted in a loss of $420 million for the year.

A $536.4 million loss was recorded by Atari.

However, Steven j. Ross, chairman and chief executive officer, said in an interview with the Wall Street journal that Warner was able to "turn around" the Atari video game and home computer unit in 1983.

During 1983, Atari cut costs 40 percent through staff cuts and by moving most Atari manufacturing operations overseas.

Activision Suffering

Activision Inc. suffered sharply lower sales in the third quarter of 1983.

The company attributed the bad news to home computer and video game problems.

In the third fiscal quarter ended Dec. 31, 1983, Activision had net sales of $10.2 million and a net loss of $8.1 million.