Classic Computer Magazine Archive HI-RES VOL. 1, NO. 4 / MAY/JUNE 1984 / PAGE 10

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Not Happy Now

I was very disappointed in issue number 3. On the basis of issue 2 I subscribed, but now I feel I have been had.

So now HI-RES is a Commodore magazine, and next, month, let me guess, Peanut or Mac or whatever bandwagon comes along?

- Dwight Brown,
Cleveland Heights, Ohio

I feel betrayed. I won't renew my subscription.

- Keith E. Wilcox,
Clearfield, Utah

As soon as I saw the first issue of HI-RES I decided to subscribe. I even wrote a favorable review in our user group's newsletter. I saw some potential.

I would suggest that you drop your coverage of Atari altogether so that true Atari supporters can receive the recognition that's due.

- Greg Peck,
Mexico, Mo.

Too much Atari! More Commodore! Put good Commodore 64 programs and software reviews into magazine. Explain your programs.

- Shawn Dulaney,
Starksville, Miss.

I have no major complaints about your magazine also supporting Commodore, and although it is my understanding that its future is somewhat clouded, it certainly must have dominated Christmas home computer sales by Atari's default.

- Thomas E. IhIe,
Murphysboro, Ill.


Your mag is really great. Not too general, or too technical. Fantastic!

- John Taylor,
Melbourne, Australia

The two best things of computing are Atari and Hi-Res Magazine.

- Keith Chapman,
Hudson, N.H.

Enjoying your magazine very much. HI-RES is better than Antic by far. Keep it both for beginners and more advanced. Would like to see more computer, less game machine coverage.

- James D. Beatty,
Massillon, Ohio

I would like to see articles on business applications for the Atari -- eg. a review of accounting programs and 80-column boards used with Atariwriter.

- David Adalian,
Visaha, Calif.