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Hi-Res Vol. 1 No. 1 - November 1983

  • Zounds Sounds A sound effects program that you can control from your joystick. By incorporating its techniques with a program of your own, you'll be destroying your own galaxy in no time. by Pat Henderson
  • Banner Magic You can design your own special messages, banners and greetings by customizing this color program. Hi-Res takes you through a machine language assist to a Basic program that allows you to flash 256 colors to the Atari screen. Do it all without using a print statement. by Pat Henderson; Dan Horn
  • Oh, Those @#&! Error Messages Atari's cryptic set of idiot lights are decoded for the beginner. by Steve Harding
  • The Coming of Arcade Eric Video game reviewers age fast in this volatile industry. Over the hill at 28, this writer turned to a denizen of the arcade deep for help reviewing Journey Escape. by Mark S. Murley
  • Atari, Inc.: The Early Years Founded by hi-tech maverick Nolan Bushnell, this is the best re-cap we've seen of the rocky start that rolled to success. by Colin Colvert
  • Bringing Home The Arcade Game Craze Pocket those quarters, America. Now you can enjoy arcade-style action in your own home with stripped down home computer and video game versions of your favorite games. by Mark S. Murley
  • Comics
  • Dear Reader by Anthony J. Nicholson
  • In This Issue
  • Perspectives Atari Transitions, Bushnell Reaches Accord with Atari, The Piggyback, Will James Morgan Cure Atari Woes?, If This Is You Phone Home: You're A Wanted Child, West Coast Fever/Fervor, Cash Programming Awards, SIG Sound-off, Louisville Sluggers and the Mental Health of Longbeach, Elastic Scholastic, Power-Plus Cartridges from CBS, Data Age Turns About-face On Licensing, CBS Poses Threat to Smaller Competitors, Give Those Compugirls A Break, New Products Assault from Atari at June's Summer Consumer Electronics Show
  • Survival by Dan Horn
  • Reviews Miner 2049er, K-razy Antiks, Jumbo Jet Pilot, Submarine Commander, Spell Wizard by Pat Henderson; Jim Wooding; Steve Harding
  • Strolling Forth by Evan Rosen; Stephen Maguire
  • Advanced User Forum by Russ Wetmore
  • Graphic Evidence by Tim McGuinness
  • Atari Safari by David Heller
  • The Academic A by Lloyd R. Prentice
  • Silicon Valley Reporter by Bill Haslacher
  • Some Assembly Required by Robert Peck
  • Cryptics by Dan Horn
  • Previews
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