Classic Computer Magazine Archive HI-RES VOL. 1, NO. 1 / NOVEMBER 1983 / PAGE 9

In This Issue

A new magazine in a crowded field like home computing likes to know that it has met its readers' expectations.

We need to hear from you. You're looking at the newest Atari-specific magazine on the market. Hi-Res will tell you what's going on inside the corporate walls of Atari, offer you the best in reader-written software, answer your questions about programming and provide candid software reviews, as well as some entertaining features.

If you enjoy Hi-Res as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you, let us know. We need your participation. At Hi-Res, the editors are looking for the best reader-written software in the areas of home finance, business, education and entertainment. We've written a guide for aspiring authors that will help you to prepare your work for submission. The guide is yours for the price of a self-addressed, stamped business envelope.

Our premiere issue features software from two Orlando programmers, Dan Horn and Pat Henderson, who will introduce readers to a scrolling color banner program and a sound editor. Banner creation with an Atari allows you to put text on the screen without using a print statement.

"Zounds Sounds!" explores the voice and distortion levels of an Atari controlled from a joystick. With its range of tones, you can find just the sound effect for a program that you're creating.

Inside Hi-Res you'll meet Arcade Eric, a fictitious video prodigy and game reviewing mercenary called in to bridge a generation gap while he takes a comic look at Journey Escape.

Hi-Res west coast editor, Steve Harding offers his own explanations of Atari's cryptic error code messages. Steve is just one of the Hi-Res regulars who has served Atari Corporation itself. Add to that list, columnists Bill Haslacher, Robert Peck and Tim McGuinness.

Lloyd Prentice, the founding editor of Computer Classroom News, will be reviewing educational programs each month for Hi-Res.

Russ Wetmore, author of the popular Preppie! series will be leading advanced users on a tour of programming utilities and techniques. Evan Rosen and Steve Maguire, the authors of Valforth, begin their column on Forth programming. David Heller, author of Space Knights from Reston publishing introduces Dr. Schnorrer, a character who will explore the non-computing uses of the Atari.

We've included in this issue a Reader's Blue Pencil, and we'd like to collect your criticism and thoughts about our magazine. You'll find it on one of the tear-away cards bound into the book: Use it!