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Antic Vol. 9 No. 1 - April/May 1990 - King Me

  • Editorial by Nat Friedland
  • High Finance Figure your interest rates the easy way by Philip Bate
  • Disk Bonus Goldmine and the Princess Strategic text adventure with sound cues by William Austin
  • Alan Reeve Interview: Part 1 Talking to the creator of the Diamond Operating System by Bill Pike
  • Game of the Month Starfield Invasion Fast-action game featuring spectacular graphics by Norman Lin
  • I/O Board
  • New Products Daisy-Dot III, Stik-Gripper, NX-1500 Multi-Font printer, AVUE
  • Bonus Game Nuclear Reactor Cleaning up after a meltdown can get tricky by Dennis Debro
  • Feature Application Quiz Master Your Atari gets you ready for those dreaded short-answer tests by Eric Tucker
  • Tech Tips by Donald Seay, Eric Anderson
  • Disk Bonus Antic Tournament Checkers Winner of a bronze medal at the '89 Computer Olympiad by Dave Butler
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