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Antic Vol. 4 No. 2 - June 1985 - Computer Arts

  • Atari In Lights Theater Lighting Designer's Atari CAD, James Brentano by Michael Ciraolo
  • Microscreens Color-The-Cover Contest Winners Paul Sedgewick, Tim O'Connell, Alfred Gomez, Gaston Aladin, Nick Turner, Marta Taylor by Jack Powell, Michael Ciraolo
  • Color Palette Joystick Selection of Program Hues by John Felton
  • Antic At First GEM Seminar Converting IBM PC Software To Atari by Nat Friedland
  • Guitar Tutor Learn And Play Guitar Chords On Your Atari by Frank Imburgio, Grace Barry
  • G.U.P. The Great Fast Graphics Power From BASIC by Darek Mihoka
  • Game of the Month Helicopter Round-Up The Sky Cowboy Game by Walt Bulawa
  • Help!
  • Color Inkle Loom Your Atari Master Weaver by Gerald Hagopian
  • I/O Board
  • The Musician Type-In Music Construction Software by Angelo Giambra
  • New Products Aero, Plus Writer, GE 3-8100 Printer, GE Printer Interface Module, Questbusters, Wire Tree Plus, Q-Modem
  • Pixel Scanner Enhance Your Picture Details Like NASA Does by Lyn Buchanan
  • Play It Again, Atari! Atari Makes MIDI Music With Casio by Nat Friedland
  • Print Shop Smash-Hit Graphics Software Now In Atari Version by Jack Powell
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Colortone Keyboard by Nat Friedland
  • Communications The #1 Sysop Ron Luks Of SIG*Atari by Michael Ciraolo
  • Assembly Language Turbo Typo II Speedier Typo II With Three-Line Fix by David Mclaughlin
  • Logo/Pilot Turtle Piano Easy Logo Keyboard Music by Craig McBain
  • View 3-D Rotate And View 3-D Objects In Action! by Paul Chabot
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