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Antic Vol. 2 No. 8 - November 1983 - Sound & Music

  • In The Public Domain Air Raid 2000 by Erik Wolpaw
  • Antic Pix Gifts Genesis II, Mosaic 64K Ram select, Koalapad, Soundtrap Stretch, Balans Chair, Cs 1632 Cabinet, Taxan Monitors, Macinker, Spider Pac, Black Max, Volksmodem
  • Survey of APX Sound Products by David Duberman
  • Dragonsmoke Casting Characteristics by Bob Albrecht, George Firedrake
  • I/O Board
  • Here's Looking At You, S.A.M.! Software voice without screen blanking by Jerry White
  • Microscreens Michael Green, Paul Strauss, Nathan Hood
  • Systems Guide Mission Accomplished by David Small, Sandy Small
  • New Products Ace Pocket Reference Card, IS Pipeline, Mosaic Adapter, R/128 Ramdisk Printer Buffer Spooler, Operation Whirlwind, NI858-32, The Microcomputer Marketplace 1984, Music I And Music III, Autoprint Microconnection, Letter Perfect, Data Perfect, Software Express, Chatterbee, Oscar Model I, Weights And Measures, Fulmap, Graph-Fix
  • Education Odd Man Out by John Harrison, Mary Harrison
  • Pick A Chord Your Atari can play most of them by Karl Wiegers
  • Education Pigs in Pokes by Marian Lorenz, Allan Moose
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Voice Box II, Percom AT-88 S-1, The Drumesiser, MPP-1100, Checkers, BASIC/XA, Cosmic Balance, KoalaPad, Rally Speedway, Pinhead by Annie Cates, Richard DeVore, George Joel, F. Neil Simms, Arthur Leyenberger, Jordan Powell, Roger Fairchild, Clyde Spencer, David Duberman, David Plotkin
  • Random Music Can Atari make a melody? by Charles Jackson
  • Inside Atari Service System by Robert DeWitt
  • Simple Synthesizer Make a musical peripheral for your ATARI by Vern Mastel
  • Sound Beyond Sound Breaking the BASIC barrier by Christopher Chabris
  • Starting Line Sound Demo by Bill Lukeroth
  • Logo/Pilot Sweet Toots by Ken Harms
  • Kids Korner Tag by Greg Burdett
  • Tangle Angles by Carl Evans
  • Tape Topics The Secret Life of Cassettes by Carl Evans
  • Profiles Wizard and the Princess by Robert DeWitt
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