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STart Vol. 5 No. 7 - April/May 1991 - Troubleshooting

  • Introducing Bob Brodie START Columnist Makes His Debut by Bob Brodie
  • SimCityitis Sweeps START Staff A Three-Part Homage To The Game That Enthralled The Editors by Elizabeth Demunn, James Burton, Johnny L. Wilson
  • Ask Dr. Troubleshooter Ten Experts Dispense Good Medicine For Your Sick ST by William Busy, Greg Knauss, Dan Moore, Jim Pierson-Perry, David Small
  • The Typeface Trials Third-Party Fonts Get An Eagle-Eye Evaluation by Dan Fruchey
  • Reviews Interactive Music Education Practical Music: Theory and Music Achievement Series by Larry A. Magnello
  • Reviews GenWave by Andre Cynkin, Jan Paul Moorhead
  • Reviews Cardfile by John Nagy
  • Reviews AT-Speed by Gavin Doughtie
  • Editorial START Goes Bimonthly by Tom Byron
  • Dialog Box
  • Products Update The Secret of Monkey Island, City Icons Design Disk, SYSUTIL, TransporT
  • Z*Net Newswire Atari Corp., Commodore Report Latest Earnings; Atari Releases Rights to Hotz Box; MichTron Changes Hands; TT, Mega STE Pass FCC; Personnel Changes At Atari
  • Cyber Corner Camera Control: Simple Program Adds Drama To Animations by Rick May
  • For The Fun Of It Anarchy, Clown-O-Mania, The Game of Harmony, Weird Dreams by Greg Knauss, Greg Perez
  • Telefocus Dialing For Data: Who You Gonna Call? by Christopher Roberts
  • Your Word's Worth Overlooking The Obvious: Word Processors Take The Routine Out Of The Routine by Dan Fruchey
  • Disk Instructions
  • Absolute Zero The Quest For Nothingness by Terry Fergusson
  • Troubleshooting Tools A Folder Full Of Utility Programs Recommended By Dr. Troubleshooter And His Team Of Experts
  • Font Samples Contains Sample Fonts From Cherry Fonts, Computer Safari And ISD Marketing
  • Cardfile Demo You've Read The Review, Now Try The Program. by GT Software
  • City Icons Two archived demos from Antic Software's new City Icon series for CAD-3D 2.0
  • (Antic section) XL/XE RAMdisk Handler Add a RAMdisk to your 800XL or 65XE by Douglas Hunt
  • (Antic section) Head 'Em Off Head for the Skies and Box In Your Opponent by Lucius Kwok
  • (Antic section) I/O Board
  • (Antic section) Tech Tips BASIC Color Selector, Print POKEs by Bob Spiewak, Jeffrey A. Summers
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