Classic Computer Magazine Archive HI-RES VOL. 1, NO. 2 / JANUARY 1984 / PAGE 2


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Dear Reader,

Atari s new line of computers and peripheral equipment, I believe, represents a notable technological advance at the least cost to the consumer! What Atari's new management team is now doing and planning may well make Atari the outstanding computer system for the future.

Imagine having your new Atari 600X, 800XL, or the 1400XL series capable of running IBM, Apple, Commodore, or CPM software. That's right, computer fans! The new line of Atari computers all contain an additional port which will, sometime soon, be exploited by clever circuit board manufacturers with Atari's blessings or without. This port will enable the new Atari "Peripheral Box" to control the Atari computer. By means of an additional two RS-232C serial ports, a Centronics standard parallel port and the eight additional card slots, your Atari computer will be capable of accepting 80-column cards, and up to 256K extra memory. Compatible processors will turn your Atari into just about any other microcomputer system now available.

Third-party hardware manufacturers are anxious to get a set of specifications for Atari's Peripheral Box, and you can see why. They want to begin designing circuit boards that will be capable of transforming the newer Atari computers into "slave" units able to emulate any other computer manufacturer's software, thereby making Atari the first system compatible with all other major brands.

This letter is proof of one item from a new line of equipment from Atari. It was printed on Atari's new 1027 Letter Quality Printer.

The future holds a lot of pleasant surprises from Atari, it would seem, and it looks like Atari computers and software will be right out in front!

Yours truly,

Anthony J. Nicholson

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