Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 9, NO. 1 / APRIL/MAY 1990


(desktop publishing)
Roy Goldman
2440 S. Jasmine
Denver, CO 80222
Requires minimum 48K memory, graphics printer
(no price at press time)

Daisy-Dot III brings new power to 9-pin dot matrix printers. Though still giving users the high quality proportional text output of the original Daisy-Dot and DaisyDot II, Daisy-Dot III now adds a new text managing system. The original programs required text to be pre-formatted ("printed to disk") with a word processor, but DaisyDot III will take simple "saved" text files and let you control all text formatting such as margins, word wrap, line spacing, page breaks and tabs. Many of the useful features from Daisy-Dot II are still available, of course, such as centering, justification, underlining, and the ability to change fonts at any point.

In addition, a new font format allows characters to be up to 32 X 32 dots in size (as compared to the original 19 X 16 matrix) allowing for greater detail and improved definition. All fonts can be magnified both horizontally and vertically, great for headlines and special effects. Two programs to help you manipulate fonts are also included. The font editor has new features such as automatic lines, circle and boxes. The font utilities package lets you italicize fonts, convert Atari screen Fonts to Daisy-Dot III format, and makes the magnified versions of fonts.

Daisy-Dot III supports all graphics-compatible Epson 9-pin printers and true compatibles, the Atari XMM801, and more. For more information and details, send a self addressed stamped envelope to the above address.

(joystick accessory)
Duggan DeZign Inc.
300 Quaker Lane, Suite #7
West Warwick, RI 02886
(800) 843-1223 (orders)
(401) 826-2961
$18.95, joystick required

From Duggan DeZign comes STIK-GRIPPER, a solid steel joystick clamp designed to let hard-diving joystick jockeys operate any joystick with only one hand. The clamp adjusts to fit a wide variety of joysticks, and gives them that rock-solid arcade feel. It's particularly useful for games that require both joystick and keyboard control, such as flight simulators. The all-steel construction makes STIK-GRIPPER tough enough for really tugged play, while protective nonskid pads and caps protect your table top and joystick. And parents -- with STIK-GRIPPER you'll never have to worry about your kids pulling the computer off the table by the joystick cord!

Star Micronics
200 Park Avenue, Suite 3510
New York, NY 10166
(212) 986-6770
$529, interface required

From Star Micronics comes the NX-1500 Multi-Font printer, a new low-cost, wide-carriage 9-pin dot matrix printer. The printer's control panel lets users select and set almost all commonly used functions, including NLQ fonts or draft mode, italic printing, pitch, typeface, micro-feed, top of form and buffer clear. The four resident fonts Courier, Sanserif, Orator I and Orator II -- can be printed in pica, elite, condensed pica, condensed elite, and proportional sizes. The printer also features advanced paper handling capabilities, including paper park, bottom feed and an optional pull tractor. A 16K buffer is standard. In addition, Star claims that it's "the quietest printer in its price/performance category."

(language & hardware)
P.O. Box 25251
Washington, DC 20007
(202) RAM-9090

Tired of that old, slow, Atari BASlC? Now AVUE (Analog Visual Utility Environment) gives you Pather, a new language 70 times faster than Atari BASIC. More, this fourth generational language has "self-programming" capabilities and requires little programming knowledge to use. Compact source code and reconfigurable object code save on memory as well.

Additional hardware enhancements expand your 8-bit's abilities even further. An easy-to-install audio patch cord ($15 extra) plugs into joystick port 0 and connects to your stereo speaker lines at the other end. AVUE's Audio demo programs can give you a Light show, adjusting your screen graphics to the stereo volume. Other possibilities include 20 voices on your 8-bit, drum-pad joysticks, or a variety of computerized controllers. Special introductory offer for Antic readers - $25 through June 15, 1990. For more information, send $3 for a catalog plus sample game disk.

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