Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 8, NO. 5 / SEPTEMBER 1989


Biker Dave Atari

Double Disk Bonus Game.
By Erik Lowell

Be a daring stunt-devil in this month's Second Super Disk Bonus, Biker Dave Atari. This thrilling, high-tech motorcycle game has you riding your bike through hoops and over cars.

A lengthy BASIC program, Biker Dave Atari can be RUN directly from your Antic Monthly Disk. From the main menu, simply choose BIKER.BAS and you'll be off and riding.

Use your joystick to choose your skill level, Rookie! or Pro! Beginners are advised to start out at Rookie!


A flashing message tells you to get ready, and then the engine starts. Your special stunt bike starts out of its customized garage at a roaring 5 miles per hour. But with every press of the joystick button your speed goes up in 5 mph increments. Keep an eye on the speed indicator at the bottom of the screen -- go over 110 mph on the first stretch and you won't even make it through the first turn in the giant pipe.

Making your ride even more difficult --there's no way to slow down this specialized speed demon.

There's no way to slow this speed demon.

The object is to find a speed that will get you across the ramp jump, without overshooting the ramp on the other side. If you make it over you get extra points, the ramps move back, and you get an extra car to jump. With each additional car, the speed you need to get over increases-but there's no specific speed increment between jumping three, four, five, six or seven cars.

One mistake, and you'll land with a resounding crash, wiping out your bike. Don't despair -- you get five bikes, and you'll need them all, as you try to jump over the ever-increasing lines of cars.

Biker Dave was programmed by Erik Lowell of Gilbertville, Massachusetts. He's a 14-year-old programmer who is very interested in becoming a professional software developer.

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Download: BIKER.BAS Download