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Antic Vol. 8 No. 5 - September 1989 - Joystick Test Lab

  • Feature Application Atari Print Screen Automatic text screen dumps-just like a PC. by Steve Derderian
  • Disk Bonus Biker Dave Atari Double Disk Bonus Game by David Schwener, Erik Lowell
  • Editorial by Nat Friedland
  • I/O Board
  • Joystick Laboratory Check your joystick accuracy and speed by Kevin Gevatosky
  • Mapping The Atari Classic 8-bit reference book returns by Ian Chadwick
  • New Products Mapper, Sleuth, CSS Disassembler, Changing Patterns, Video Light Gun, Map Disks 3 & 4
  • Disk Bonus Op Amp CAD Super Disk Bonus designs circuits by David Hayes
  • Game of the Month Salvage 2001 The alien spacecraft is all yours -- if you can stay alive long enough to salvage it. by Jim Tesch
  • SFP: Easier Reports From SynFile+ Makes the top 8-bit database even better by Steve Fishbein
  • SmartRAM 2.5 Super RAMdisk for all XL/XE, memory upgrades by Tim Patrick
  • Tech Tips Bigger 130XE RAMDisks, Keyboard Input Checker, Docfile QuickPrint, Improved Trigger Response by Charles Jackson, Arnold Putong, Frank Jersawitz, James Hague
  • Mastertronics Two-Game Disks L.A. SWAT and Panther, Las Vegas Video Poker and Vegas Jackpot by David Plotkin
  • XF35 Kit Vastly expanded disk capacity for your 8-bit by Matthew Ratcliff
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