Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 7, NO. 7 / NOVEMBER 1988


Deluxe Adventure Creation Kit

By Stephen Stout

Deluxe Adventure Creation Kit (CREATEDL.BAS) is an enhanced follow-up to my original Adventure Creation Kit (Antic, March 1988). It incorporates many suggestions that came from the Creation Contest (October 1988 Disk Bonus) as well as from other users of the first version.

Games made with the original Adventure Creation Kit are 100% compatible with this Deluxe version. Both Kit programs run on Atari 8-bit computers with at least 48K memory and a disk drive.

The most significant Deluxe upgrade is that now you can link as many as nine different adventure games into one giant game. It's very simple to do. Just give each adventure the same name with a number between 1 and 9 at the end-such as GAME1, GAME2, GAME3, etc. When you win GAME1, the program will automatically load GAME2, and so on until GAME9. When there are no more games, the program will say "You Won!" and return to the editing menu.

I also added some animated graphics. In the Deluxe Adventure Kit, the graphics don't only scroll as in the original version. Now the water moves, the snake's head and tail shake, etc.

You can now flee from monsters during a battle by pressing the [SPACEBAR], instead of fighting to your sure death. Naturally you will receive no bonus Hit Points or Strike Points if you flee, and the monster you were fighting will regain its original strength.

I also added some editing changes: [U]ndo restores the adventure map, erasing the last change you made. [E]rase All clears the current adventure in memory. This replaces the old [RESTART] feature.

[?] (Print) gives you a choice of Epson, ProWriter or Seikosha GP-250X printers. Also, pressing [ESCAPE] aborts printing. Finally when you kill monsters you don't get as many additional points as before, and you can't get more than 40 Hit Points or 15 Strike Points.

On the Antic Disk: CREATEDL.BAS Download