Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 7, NO. 11 / MARCH 1989


DataQue Software
PO Box 134
Ontario, OH 44862

Turbo-816 from DataQue adds 16-bit power to Atari 8-bit systems, while maintaining compatibility with current hardware and software, according to DataQue President Chuck Steinman. A plug-in module will be available for the XL/XE series, and a replacement CPU board is planned for the 400/800 computers; little or no soldering is required.

Also included in the package is the Turbo-OS, a replacement Operating-System ROM which takes advantage of the 16-bit power and the new high speed floating point routines. A user's guide and macro listing is supplied for assembly language programmers.

The Turbo-816 will not only increase the potential speed of the computer, but also break the 64K memory barrier of existing systems, not with the awkward paged memory, but with a fully linear decoded address space of up to 16 megabytes. Special memory boards will be available to take advantage of the new attended addressing range. All this, and compatibility with existing 8-bit products! If anything, existing programs should run faster with Turbo-816.

(hardware Modification)
Innovative Concepts
31172 Shawn Drive
Warren, MI 48093
(313) 293-0730

Now it's easy to upgrade your XF551 disk drive to use the newer 3.5" drive, with the XF35 Kit. The $37.95 kit includes instructions, replacement ROM, and all cables required for the conversion (drive mechanism and mounting bracket are not included). According to I.C, the finished drive will work in the 720K formats with MyDOS, SpartaDOS, and the new SpartaDOS X cartridge. High speed skewing is still usable, and 40-track formats are also available for use with most other DOS types. Installation is simple, and requires only a minimal amount of soldering and desoldering.

Upgrade your Atari 130XE with RAMdrive + 192K. With this 192K total memory upgrade you can set up a full single density RAMdisk, excellent for disk maintenance. The $37.95 kit includes handlers and utilities for Atari DOS 2.0 and 2.5, along with instructions on how to use it with Atari-Writer+, BASIC XE, MyDOS, TopDOS, SpartaDOS and the new SpartaDOS X cartridge. Installation requires some experience in soldering and desoldering.

The IC Chip is a replacement ROM for the Happy 1050 Board (original or clone). You'll no longer have to configure it for the U.S. Emulation Mode to read or write to SpartaDOS skewed disks. This "chip" does it automatically -- and all other Happy functions are still available. Installation is just a matter of unplugging the old ROM and plugging in this new one. For only $32.95 you get the IC Chip plus two double-sided disks packed full of utilities.

Mastertronic International
711 West 17th Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(714) 631-1001
$9.99 , 64K disk

Shoot terrorists as part of a crime-fighting team in L.A. SWAT. Or rescue prisoners on an alien planet, flying your Panther Mini-Spaceship in Panther. Both adventures can be found on Mastertronic's new double-sided diskette.

(electronic dictionary/thesaurus)
Franklin Computer Corp.
122 Burrs Road
Mount Holly, NJ 08060
(609) 261-4800

A hand-held electronic dictionary, Franklin Computer's Language Master 2000 ($299.95) provides concise definitions of over 80,000 words from Merriam-Webster's dictionary. Enter the word on the keyboard, and within seconds the definition, parts of speech, hyphenation points and inflected forms of the word appear on a large, four-line screen. If you don't know how a word is spelled, sound it out, and Language Master 2000 will give you a list of possible correct spellings, with easy dictionary access. Also included is a thesaurus of 35,000 entry words and 470,000 synonyms.

Franklin's newest addition, the Language Master 3000 ($349.95), offers all the capabilities of the LM-2000, plus a variety of word games such as Hangman, Anagrams and Jumble. A Scrabble and crossword puzzle word list helps find difficult missing words. Specially designed logic strategy games, a vocabulary builder and a special browsing function have also been added.

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