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Antic Vol. 7 No. 11 - March 1989 - New DOS Champion

  • Antic-Pak Powerful Basic Disk Utility Collection by Eugene Kob
  • Ask The Rat From Ratcliff's Antic Online Technical Q&A Column by Matthew Ratcliff
  • Game of the Month Baker Solitaire All The Cards Are Face Up, So There's No Excuse by Tom Cline
  • Bonus Game Demon Racer Desperate Action! Commute Through The Twilight Zone by Jon Peterson
  • Disk Bonus Escape From Dispozon: Part I Meet Unforgettable Iggy Droid In Antic's Biggest Text Adventure Ever by Kevin Sherratt
  • I/O Board
  • New Products Turbo-816, XF35 Kit, RAMdrive+ 192K, IC Chip, L.A. SWAT, Panther, Language Master 2000
  • Random Atari Enhancing The Random Number Generator by David Mcintosh
  • Feature Application Signmaker Flashy Electronic Billboards With Your Atari by Andrew Thomas
  • ICD Spartados X Or Atari Dos-XE Which Is The Number One Operating System? by Matthew Ratcliff
  • Tech Tips by Greg Vozzo
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