Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 7 / NOVEMBER 1987

Super Disk Bonus


Arcade-quality sea battle

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This month's Super Disk Bonus, Galleons, is a flashy, colorful two-player action game that runs on Atari 8-bit computers with at least 32K memory and disk drive. You control a sailing ship with your joystick and try to sink the enemy ship. Meanwhile, avoid those razor-sharp coral reefs--not all visible--which are all around you., Galleons is written in fast-moving assembly language using the OSS MAC/65 Macro Assembler.


You sailed across the Atlantic from the reef. Ocean, through weather both good and bad. The journey took months, but at last you are approaching your destination-the New World. On board, everyone is relaxing, when suddenly your lookout shouts, “Reef ahead!” Instantly all hands assume their posts, and within seconds your mighty galleon is turned away.

Surveying the immediate area, you realize you have now entered the coral reefs infesting the eastern end of the Caribbean Sea. But now things get even worse. “Ship ahoy!” the lookout cries. Then you see the dot on the horizon. As it comes closer, a chill grips your heart-it's the infamous Red Scourge, pirate terror of the Caribbean.


Antic editors really liked this speedy, professional-quality game as soon as we first saw it. Written entirely in MAC/65 assembly language, Galleons was a first submission to the magazine from Alan Capesius of Morton Grove, Illinois. A BASIC loader listing of Galleons would be necessary to make it usable for the majority of our readers, but this would have been too long for publication as a type-in.

Instructions for Galleons can be accessed from the Help Menu of this months Antic Disk. Choose selection 5 on the Main Menu.

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